Friday, August 24, 2007

Calexico: A Modern Mariachi's dream come true

Dad, you'll like this one. In fact, I kept saying that over and over again to Angie. Alas, the summer concert series at the Gallivan Center has come to an end (along with the summer). Sob. There goes my free music outside. But it went out with a wonderful spanish flare. A mix between old style mariachi and new great rock, of hispanic blooded cuties, and gringo ones, of a pretending to salsa Sarah, and a regular movin to the groovin one. I especially enjoyed the clapping. It always makes me sad when good clapping to the beat starts and then dies. Call me a sucker for audience participation, but I could clap all night. I just look and sound pretty silly when I'm clapping all by my lonesome.

I also like to hide behind Angie:Think of me as the female counterpart to Buster, very good at being neither seen nor heard.
Think of me as a thief. I totally stole this picture from Angie's blog.


TugBoat ThomCarter said...

No more free music!!?!?!

What are you going to do. Are you going to go to Bath for the rest of the summer to get the country air?

There is nothing like a good boogie down to close out a good time!

PS - why do I feel like I should always make some reference to Austen on this blog?

Sarita said...

I have always said. There is nothing quite as exemplary as a holiday in Bath. I am most definitely for it.

Perhaps it is because my writing and scathing wit remind you so much of Miss Austen? Hardly. Blasphemy really.

Still, Austen references are always welcome.

Marie said...

The show was great! I had actually seen them before, when they came to town with Iron and Wine in 2005, but back then they had toned down their sound to fit I&W, so it was kind of a hybrid show. I really loved hearing them out in their full trumpeted splendor -- it made me want to go home and boogie to Lila Downs.

It was good to see you there, if only from afar. :)

The AdventureWalkers said...

Great music. How do I get more of it! Dad

Britten said...

That music rocks! Love it!

And in regards to your comment in your post below about the Harmons and their cleanliness, I am not my mother's daughter in that repsect.