Monday, June 25, 2007

Gidget: The continuing saga

I love this feline. Which I know sounds totally crazy cat lady to some of you, but it's true. I get very pretty attached to animals, and not in a fanatical sorta way, but more of a I don't feel comfortable in abandoning her sort of way. I know it comes as a surprise to most of you, but heart wrenching is not a comfortable thing. Nor is guilt.

With the new living arrangements, I came to terms with the idea that she would have to go. Mostly because I made the assumption that finding her a home would be easy. I mean, who wouldn't jump at chance to dwell with this sweet creature? That she would safely reside with some family member or something. Turned out to be not quite that easy. As I was finally resigned to take her the humane society (that just wrenched my heart even more) a cat lover finally came through and offered her a home. It was a blessing on the greatest size. Such a relief. Well, turns out 2 weeks later (today) that Gidget is not quite adjusting to the new home and felines, and they decided that she needs to go.

My only option at this point is the humane society. I already feel guilty for having left her with strangers in a strange place with strange cats that she apparently doesn't take to kindly to. Which surprises me as she is usually pretty kindly natured, and when not friendly just hides out. She is reportedly hissing up a storm over there. I have missed her terribly in the last couple weeks, and now, I must take her to the kitty orphanage. And unlike orphanages for real children, if they cant find her a home, she gets that injection that I am trying not to think about. I am feeling like a bad bad mother, and person. And sorry for myself.

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LuLuBelle said...

Ok, I feel plenty guilty now for not taking her. The last time we introduced a new kitten, Jack-the-cat had to be on Prozac for 3 months. Have you ever tried to shove a pill down an unwilling cats throat daily?