Friday, June 22, 2007

Being a pagan goddess is exhausting

That's right. It was the pagan event of the season last night. Summer Solstice 2007. Sallee and her Mother host it every year. And it was wonderful. Not only did it include great music and some impromptu pagan , er, interpretive dancing, but poetry and other readings. Ode's to the sun if you will.
The other Sarah played You Are My Sunshine on the harmonica. We sang along. I tried my hand at some poetry late in my workday yesterday, and quite enjoyed it.

The sun and I, we are the same

I am me and him is he
We both glow unabashedly
He feeds the earth, green gifts to share
I give myself to those who’ll care
He burns that which shan't take heed
I burn myself in misplaced deeds
His warmth extends to all the earth
Mine will be shared with him of worth
An image captured by his name
My shutter flutters for the same
He comes by day, retreats by night
I play until exhausts the light
Upon my life he casts a flare
And mine will dazzle those who dare
To live without him dark would be
I am me and Him is he

Sarah Jones

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Rachel said...

awesome poem, Sar bear!!

LuLuBelle said...

You Are my sunshine! Great Poem!