Thursday, May 24, 2007

Old Habits Diehard

I thought I had put this behind me. This being the whole spontaneous dying of my car battery and having to humbly solicit the help of others in order to get myself home. I figured that the tendency to do that on a far too regular basis had died with lil Turbo (may he rest in pieces).

But alas, today as I rushed out to the car in order to get a Diet Coke refreshment for the afternoon at Maverick, the car failed to start. I panicked. Just a little. See, this car is newer, but has a whole lot of miles on it (331,000 to be exact, still in incredible shape, at an incredible deal). I have had this secret fear that something would go wrong, as is want to happen in my life lately (ripped my pants, spilled nail polish on the carpet, put on a supposedly newly clean shirt for my first day of the new job only to discover half way to work that the odd smell I had been trying to place was in fact cat pee, and was in fact coming from me resulting in a mad dash to Smith's marketplace to buy the first decent cheap shirt I saw, anyone want my cat? get the point).

Turns out that the headlights were left on. Funny, seeing as how it was light when I left this morning, and I never turned them on (at least to my knowledge). All I can figure is that seeing as how the lights and other gadgets are slightly different than in old Turbo, that I turned them on inadvertently. So I had to sheepishly ask new coworkers for assistance. The car wouldn't start at first (I really started to panic, on the inside, on the outside I remained cool and collected), readjusted the cables about 4 times and she started purring like a kitten that hopefully wont pee on my clothes.

Sometimes I think these things only happen to me. At least on such a consistent basis.


Rachel said...

no, it isn't just you. Our old car Pedro had a drain on the battery that our mechanic couldn't find, but it consistently died every 2 or 3 days. It got to the point where we could jump it in 60 seconds.

Oh, and as for the cat pee, it is so *fun* when I've cleaned up kid pee and poop accidents only to turn around and step in dog pee. Oh, the joy.

Thanks for sharing your joy.

LuLuBelle said...

Where is darling gidget these days?

Don't forget our old possesed van that used to turn its own lights on at random times and run down the battery if we didn't notice. It was freaky and evil.

Kellee said...

HAHA I've done that same thing! With the cat pee I mean.. Ironing a shirt going what is that smell?? DANG KITTY!!!! Yes but now instead of a litter box they go outside through the dog door. so nice not to have peed on clothes anymore! But I feel your pain!! :)