Friday, May 25, 2007

Strictly Ballroom

Last night was filled with the type of awesomeness that promised for a great summer to come.
The ward talent show: I'm a nerd, and I love the whole entire feel and commrodity that is my newfound old ward. Seriously real people. That make me smile. The Other Sarah spearheaded a throwback to the Harmonica Army and the fun we girls had there. Should've seen it. Despite the fact that I kept forgetting the song (we threw it together in about half an hour beforehand) I think it was a success. I mean, how could it not be? Five cool girls in a straight line while The Other Sarah played a "plaintive and soulfull" When the Saints Come Marching In. The rest of us starting marching louder and louder and jumped in the second time round stepping out into a V-formation (well it was really a line) and then our handy dandy drummer jumped in and we started really jazzing it up. The Other Sarah also shared a really really great short film she had submitted to an outdoor film festival. It was darling. And hilarious. Good friends, new and old. Good times. And if that wasn't enough, we then used the projector from the movie at Suvi's house to introduce her to the wonder that is Strictly Ballroom. It involved the moving of furniture and me standing around as the resident invalid. Awesome Jesse was so very excited about the movie that he talked and made commentary the entire movie. Which I loved. Also loved that we all got up and grooved to the closing credits in the light of the projector. Pure magic. Jesse, the man of many talents, treated us all to ChaCha lessons (the man's got skills). And Vegas fam, he might need a place to stay for a night when he flies into Vegas in a couple weeks. I offered up your dwellings. He's nice, and has great taste in music, and paints. You'll like him.
I only lament that I will be unable to join Suvi and other great people as they venture towards Yellowstone or Moab this weekend. It seems some great hiking will be the order of the day, and I'm just not up to it yet. Hating the pain. No sorrows though, looks like I have some great plans with The Other Sarah. Looking forward to it all.


Rachel said...

Sorry I missed it. I gave in to the call of my homework and went home. Sad. I am so glad you are liking our ward.

LuLuBelle said...

Love that movie. Sounds like fun times.

Rachel said...

sorry about the pain. Starting tomorrow, you'll have neice prayers on your side. Those ALWAYS work.

SummerChild said...

It really was magical!
And I am sorry that you didn't get to come to Yellowstone with us :(
Hailey ended up with a dislocated elbow, so it may have been for te best.
So let's play some more this week!