Saturday, April 07, 2007


I went to a quaint little show tonight all by my lonesome. I've been doing stuff like that a lot lately, and am rather enjoying it. Something empowering about doing things by ones lonesome. It was Peter & the Wolf
and just grand. I love discovering new music, and depend on others to help me since I am not so cool as to discover it on my own. Really, I had other plans for the evening that may or may not have included attending the musical festivities with someone other than myself. But that fell through. It seems a surprisingly large number of people that I know have chosen to go MIA for the Easter holiday. Jess and the girls even ventured to Vegas. Not feeling so much sorry for myself but I am all alone.

So instead of sitting all alone at home this evening I went forward with my evening almost as planned. I found out about this show and was even turned on to the music by a friendly blogger who doesn't exactly know me. In a fit of bravery I introduced myself as a patron to his well written and entertaining blog. Since going and knowing who he was and not saying anything feels rather like stalking. He was lovely though. And I went home (by my lonesome) and am now blogging on this a Saturday night. And I feel a little silly and much like a nerd. But what else is new?

Yesterday I attended my doctor's appointment as I will be doing 3 times a week now for a couple more months. So that my silly back and neck won't hurt so darn much while I blog. I apparently made the mistake of letting the girls up front know that I speak the espanol. Because as I walked in, there were two men speaking Spanish that gave me the kind of look that I have learned means "Sarah you don't want to let these hombres know you speak their language because you wont hear the end of it, and they will make you feel really uncomfortable". He said something in Spanish to the receptionist as I walked in and she turned to me to translate. So I did. And it started. He indeed wouldn't leave me alone. And somehow we ended up in the same rooms until the visit was over. I really need to learn to not let people know that I am single so readily. This 40 something Hispanic man now wants to marry me and informed me that divorced is not permitted by God. He also expressed surprise at my being single and proclaimed that I was the first girl he had met that didn't have a boyfriend (which confirmed my fears, or at least that I am naive and should learn that there are certain circumstances where little white lies are sometimes permissible). The physical therapist warned me to keep my guard up because she finally had to tell him that she was engaged and he still tells her that he wants to marry her and have 11 apostles.....even though she keeps correcting him in that there are 12.

A girls gotta get some attention somehow....I suppose.

I am also feeling silly because I am more than a little depressed over having to find a home for the little black cat that is purring in my lap. Something I simply don't want to face. Especially since as of right now, I've been feeling a little insecure with all that has transpired in the past weeks and the new beginnings coming in the next few weeks. A new year of my life starting the tax due date (I really need to do my taxes), new job, finding a new or not so new car, new residence with new people. And no little cuddly Gidget to get me through it. Pathetic and a little cat lady-ish I know, but I get attached to animals in general.

I might as well go to bed.

Alone. (Well Gidget will be at my feet, but otherwise......)

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Rachel said...

Peter & the Wolf sounds pretty cool. Maybe you could bring me Gidget. I might have to give her away again, but it would be a great reason for you to come see me, no?