Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sarah Jones Photography

At last it's come to this. Sarah Jones Photography is a keeper. That's keeping me busy. Which is the reason for finally deciding on a name and committing to some form of site so I can move onward and upward. For the time being, check out my site at .

As for the name. Yes, I happen to have one of the most generic names in the world. I realize this. But as I have looked into marketing myself and craft, I have realized the importance of marketing MYSELF. It's been a journey getting to this point in my head an in my life. And this may come off as a bit abstract, disjointed, or way too introspective, but being here, where I am at this point, is somewhere I never thought I would be.

You see, I used to be terrified of showing my photography to anyone. Because it was something I cared about, even snapshots didn't merit sharing unless they were high caliber. Which they usually weren't because 1) I was too lazy to study/shoot for real and 2) I didn't want to evaluate my own work, my own inadequacy. I went back and forth on this. A lot. Which I wont bore you with, but within less than a year, I have gone from absolute terror to taking pleasure in following people with a camera, trying new things with new people, sharing my work, getting sincere compliments, and constructive criticism. Evolving in my own style in the scary digital world. Teaching myself the workings of photoshop (a painstaking and frightening feat for me, one that I am proud of) and continuing in that effort. Learning to embrace my own personal style and be inspired by others instead of ashamed that my work didn't look exactly like someone elses.

Mostly treating myself as a professional who knows what she is doing. Sometimes that's a farce seeing as my business sense is limited and I never want to stop learning in regards to the wide world of photography, but I am confident in what I can provide. And just nervous enough to keep myself motivated not to slack off. I recall quite some time ago, late at night, I believe, I was in the kitchen when we were living at the grandparents house in Henderson during their mission. Ryan was there watching some infomercial. And he asked me point blank what I was doing with my photography. I stuttered some "I don't know" trying to act nonchalant, but really was embarrassed as the topic made me so uncomfortable. The born sales man of a brother in law laid into me about treating myself as a professional, and charging like one. I've thought on that moment continually. It was a secret aspiration that I was embarrassed to admit because it seemed to lofty. Some 7-8 years later I feel as if I'm finally getting there. I'm a big believer in pivotal moments in your life. Nothing changes without them. The change might be gradual seeing as how we are stubborn humans and all, bit there is always a time and/or realization that sparks that. I think back on that moment as the one that got me to this point. Made me think that it was possible, despite how far away and foreign it seemed at the moment.

I have leaps and bounds to make yet, but never have I felt so content with my direction and myself. I have a wonderful family that is nothing but supportive even though I never get their pictures to them. :) Partially because they aren't paying clients, part perfectionism, and part fear since their opinions are the ones that matter most to me.
So thank you for supporting me, believing in me. I only ask for your continual input to keep me fresh and evolving.
Love you all.


Rachel said...

1. My Opinion:
I love your pictures so much that they are the only ones of myself and my family I want hanging on my wall.

2. perfectionism: Don't fix them. Just send them!!!

3. Client Status: I am willing to be a paying customer!

very good post, by the way. I am feeling inspired to do my own "thing," whatever that turns out to be.

beans said...

love the logo, Sarah! I know how hard it is to decide on stuff like that. Mitch had a heck of a time trying to decide his business stuff. I love your work and I wish you were out here to take pics of the preggo belly.

Sarita said...

Rach, I just love you. Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is? ;) Kidding. My paying clients just take priority sometimes. Im working on streamlining all that.

Beans, I wish I could as well! Yes, this business thing has all these little details. And its just intimidating making commitments to a little thing like the color of a logo. Sheesh.

How's the business stuff going for Mitch?

Matt and Kimberly said...

I love your pictures! Can't wait for you to take some of Matt and me next month!!

LuLuBelle said...

Love the Logo Sarah, and the website looks great. Love you.

Rachel said...

I love the logo, by the way.

christina said...

i love you, by the way. :)

Potcherboy said...

Great post! And good for you, stepping off the cliff of the unknown. Very brave. And we'll happily pay for those pics you took in August. Give us a bill. It'll be late, but that's what bills are for!
Good job.

Britten said...

Sarah! I'm so proud of you! I love the logo! Nice choice on the lowercase it. And your beautiful! It reminds me of Melanie Mauer's.

I talked to Jess about this last year and I know you asked about it on my the end of April is the Heart's Ease Fairy Festival in Cambria, CA and I wanted all Jones girls available plus Kim to come to it with me! We were just kidding keeping it a secret...

But I thought it would be really cool to all get fairy wings to wear and go! And of course, the best part would be taking fairy pictures by the sea of all of us!!! We have to do this!!

What say you?

BTW...commented on all your posts I missed. How do you get that little email alert thingy?

Sarita said...

Love you ALL!

Jared, payment wont be necessary (although I accept donations large and small) Kidding. Dude, they were the family pics.

Matterly, so excited for your wedding, and to see you soon. Can't wait to get you in front of the camera.

Britten, okay, I'm blushing. Because I love Melanie Mauers stuff. You sure know how to compliment a girl. As for the faeries.....I would love love love to. But when exactly is it? I have a wedding to shoot the end of April.

Mikie said...


1) I like where you landed on the logo / name :) You know, you may think your name is generic, but it's simple enough that perhaps it'll stick better / be more memorable than anything else! You are Sarah Jones... not just any old photographer. Way to go on marketing YOU.

2) Not only is it something your family and friends are proud of that you've reached the point that you have... it's inspiring. It's big. You may think it's taken you a long time but I bet that most people never even take that chance... they trade security for the freedom of expression and the joy and passion following your dream will bring you, among other things.

I think we've had a conversation on fear :) Keep facing it, and you'll be more powerful every time as that fear diminishes. You should know you're a great example. You're an awesome example to me, even. I think I have similar hangups about doing things "professionally" because I doubt my own level of competency... but you're right. You just have to step out there and start doing it and be open to criticism so that you can improve-- you have to start somewhere.

So thanks for being such a great example!

Sarita said...

Gee thanks Mike. And thank you! Our conversations on the topic of fear have served me well.