Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sisters and Best Friends

Saturday morning was fabulous as I was greeted by a shoot with Jen's girls. They have to be some of the most well behaved and photogenic children known to man. Doesn't hurt that they refer to me as Aunt Sarah and it just melts my little heart.

See, they are Jess' old neighbors. Jess brought over the girls for a visit as we were finishing up, and these little friends couldn't be more happy to see each other. If you notice in this first series......Olivia is dying to jump off the chair because she just heard the car pull up outside. I didn't realize until later that I captured a little silhouette through the window of Maddie running to the door(click on the picture to see it larger and get the full effect). Once inside they just hugged and hugged. Lovely little girls.

Chloe is just a sweetheart and a great big sister. And so gorgeous! A natural little model at just 10 years of age. I had a blast in their gorgeous house that this little family has transformed. Seriously didn't recognize it and passed it twice. And great morning light streaming through the windows. After Jess got there, we ditched the kids and went out for breakfast at this cute little cafe. Had a great omelet and gabbed with the girls. Jen advised me that it I need to venture into dating men in their 30's because I'm not far from it myself. And she and Jess made fun of my sad little car.

From there I ventured on to a lunch date that was great fun, ran to Target to find some decent frames for a photo display at our wards high caliber talent show. And picked me up some Dr. Scholls gel inserts because the feet were hurting already and my day wasn't over. So yes, I am gellin. And it really makes a difference. Photography is hard work people. I then ran to do an engagement shoot downtown which was fun a cold. Whilst waiting on a street corner waiting for them to arrive I got whistled at more times than I can recall. Haven't experienced that sort of ambiguous adoration since the mission. (Something about frumpy skirts, bad hair, and sensible shoes that drive men wild apparently).

Then rewarded myself with a trip to visit my Spanish speaking boyfriends at Cafe Rio. They have taken to teasing me quite a bit in Spanish, always asking where my successful boyfriend is. And who takes care of me. I assured them that I work and pay for my tostadas myself. But they pile on the pico de gallo for me so no complaints on this end. A full day to say the least. Which is why I'm posting this on Thursday. I needed some time to recover.


Rachel said...

Sounds fun. I am proud of my mad-dashing photo sis. Wish I was there to go out to lunch with you.

Sarita said...

And my date? Who am I kidding. I wish you were there as well. Who needs a lunch date when there is a great big sister around? (Big in character, not in size, Considering that you seem to be perpetually shrinking).

Kim said...

i'm telling you...i love your pictures!