Monday, December 18, 2006

How to lose a stalker in 10 days

So how would you go about convincing Mr. Creepy that you are not in fact angry with him for completely idiotic things he said previously but rather because his general presence makes you more uncomfortable than.....something really uncomfortable which prompts your "distant" demeanor towards this guy that you barely know but have sense enough to follow your instincts that are flashing a code red?

Because I'm at a loss. My tactics are definitely NOT working. Which works wonderfully in proving my theory that my friendly, though sometimes quiet nature, and inability to turn off the tact gives the scary guys hope.

I assured him quite fervently (as he sat WAY to close for comfort and I tried to inch away as much as possible practically falling off the couch) that I was not mad at him, no biggie, don't worry about apologizing to me ANYMORE. Please. Because I'm fine (as long as you leave me alone). But he takes my non responsive attitude to his creepy flirting as an indication of offense (which it kinda is, because the stuff he says, coming from him, is offensive) and swears to undying commitment to bugging me until I forgive him. But if I'm friendly, it doesn't stop either. He sees it as encouragement. Viscous cycle. I may have to stop attending my ward that he DOESN'T BELONG TO.

Good news is when I finally ran away to seek refuge talking to the girl that he had called a model, she noted that she may have to leave since he was there, and that we need body guards to ward off his advances. Just then, a very large statured individual stepped forward and in a deep voice asked "My name is Seth, how may I be of service?" while offering his hand. So I have a body guard now.

(Oh, and he may not fit stalker status just yet, but I watched the very end of How to lose a guy in 10 days last night.....yeah)


Rachel said...

I think you should tell him:
"no offense, but I'm not interested. Please don't talk to me anymore." and walk away. With some guys, you can waste WAY too much time trying to be nice. Save it for the nice guys.

Sarita said...

I know I know. I hear these pleasant replies to everything he says come out of my mouth and I smile. As if my mouth were completely independent of my body. It's involuntary. I have no control.

Mikie said...

A body guard. SWEET. Maybe Seth will accompany you to those areas you'd like to photograph were it not for the needing-to-watch-your-back element there.

I hear more and more about creepy stalkerish guys these days. Where do they come from? What's wrong with them? How can they be so clueless?