Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I love technology

Sometimes I wish I were married if not for the sole purpose of having someone else deal with the stuff that confuses/intimidates me.

For example:

My car. I can jump the battery like a pro, and put in break fluid, outside of that I freeze and call my Dad for help even though he is a whole state away and cant do much of anything.

Computers. I just ordered internet service (finally) and although I was pretty sure that I knew what I wanted was called, the fact that I really didn't know what it was, or how it worked, it scared me. I do a lot of photo editing on the computer and occasionally people ask me technical questions about what I do, or programs I use, how much of something or other my computer has or what version. And I feel like an idiot. Actually, setting up the computer, although I knew I could handle it, was a procrastinated task because technology scares me. There I said it.

Right Now For Example. I have to go pick up food donations at the Jiffy Lube and take them to the food bank (which I volunteered to do yes) but which I didn't have to do all by my lonesome, because while I'm sure that they are all decent people, the guys there kinda freaked me out last time. Not a big deal. Part of being a single woman and having to take precautions for your own safety.

Christmas Tree Transportation/Stabilization. I regret to admit that the Christmas tree guys who legally could not tie the tree on top of Amelia's car were greatly concerned that we would not make it home with the tree. Which we did, by going slowly over a short distance. It could have been tied better. And then when we got home, it took forever to realize that we were putting together the stand wrong, and then that the stand was actually broken, and we had to go buy a new one that worked really well, but despite our ability to apparently screw it into the tree tight enough, it fell over several times before we, after great effort, were able to make it stay.

Really, I can handle all this stuff, I just feel silly as I usually go about it in the most inefficient way possible. I'm a good helper though! I help like a pro.

On that note, maybe it's better that I'm single so that I don't have a guy getting exasperated as I bumble through such chores.

Making things look pretty, I'm good at that. And multitasking.


LuLuBelle said...

Do you remember the tree we had to wire to the ceiling beam to keep it upright? Making things look pretty is a great talent... Having someone to take out the garbage for you is pretty great too. I love to read your blog everyday...you always make me laugh.

Sarita said...

I think so, but what I remember more than that is Dad almost sawing his hand off trying to even out the trunk.

Mother, you should post on your blog so you can make me laugh as well.

Rachel said...

I love technology, too
but not as much as you, you see...