Tuesday, November 21, 2006


There is something slightly creepy about checking out at the grocery store at 11pm last night and realizing that your purchase consists of salmon catfood (with omega 3 for a shiny coat and general kitty healthy-ness...the good stuff), a new cat toy geared for more independent play (they are pretty cool little wobbly things....I feel bad about leaving Gidget for 5 whole days....Amelia will be there but they aren't exactly "best friends", and I don't want the feline to get too bored) and a pint of Haagan Daaz Mayan Chocolate ice cream (new discovery, all cocoa-ey and cinnamon and general goodness, but rich, I could only eat a few bites). Does this officially make me the cat lady? Or maybe just the procrastinator that waits to pack until 11pm the night before, and got the late night munchies, and happens to have a cat that might need food while I'm gone. I'm voting for the latter.


Anonymous said...

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Britten said...

Perhaps above secret shopper actually read your post.

I'm voting for the non-cat lady procrastinator, cuz that would be me too.