Monday, November 27, 2006

Reflections of a super Thanksgiving....

#1 Thanksgiving - tryptophan = almost zero food coma, which allowed me to actually have the energy to play a game of scrabble with mom. Which I almost won. (Steak is good).

#2 Although not a masterpiece (by any means), seeing Deck the Halls with a bunch of extended family provided such enjoyable comments as Grandpa's "I'm just sad that I missed Walker Texas Ranger for that".

#3 During Courtney's wedding, only 3 people assumed that Jonas was my child. Seriously people. An old friend of the fam who I haven't seen in a while came up and gave me a a little side hug and commented on how cute the little one was that was sitting with Matthew near by. After a second I tactfully pointed out that the baby (or the father for that matter) wasn't mine. He looked confused. I added, "He's Christina's". He says "oooh" still looking a little perplexed. I explained " I probably should get married or something first". That's when the lightbulb went on.

#4 Jonas was super cute and I got to see him for almost a full day before he left for Arizona.

#5 Thanksgiving itself was quiet but good fun. I love my parents. I think my favorite was shopping with mom the night before:

Mom: You want to grab some apples for the fruit salad?
Me: Sure Mom, do you have a preference on which kind?
Mom: Um.....the yellow delicious will work nicely.
Me: don't you mean Golden Delicious?
Mom: Yes, did I say yellow?
Me: Yes, and mother, those are not so delicious.....
Mom: (in her most matronly of tones) yes, they are, you just have to know how to pick them....
Me: (defiantly) Okay, how? (just kidding, I'm not that defiant)
Mom: (turning an apple over in her hand) you just have to press on it's bottom to make sure that it's firm.
Me: Yeah, that's what I do with guys....
Mom: What?
Me: To make sure their not too mushy.
Mom: And fresh?
Me: Uh-huh.

The same conversation continued while we were making gravy and she was talking about adding mushrooms for a deeper, broader flavor:

Me: I like my gravy like I like my men, broad and deep.
Mom: and salty? and tasty? and thick? and.....we got a little carried away.

#6 On Friday morning when I got up and climbed into bed with mom (because her bed is much more comfy, and all the animals are there as well) mom says "hey there tired Barbie" to which I responded "Heuhwha?", "You look like a tired barbie".....we then laid there and continued to make up names for a realistic line of barbie dolls, there is Tired Barbie, with mascara under her squinty eyes, mismatched pajamas, and a messy ponytail, Mid Life Crisis Barbie who struggles to dress age appropriate, Overwhelmed Barbie who has several children and comes with one change of poorly fitting stained clothes but usually wears her robe because she has no time to shower and get dressed, Early Set Arthritis Barbie with no movable joints or limbs, Acne Prone Barbie with a poor complexion, and the list goes on. I really think there may be a market for these things.

#7 We actually braved a few stores on Friday but managed to stay away from the major crowds. Spent most of the afternoon at RC Willey's (which Dad calls JC Willey and Grandpa just Willey's) while Mom and Dad bought a new couch. It's nice. We ran into Travis there, an old flame of Nina's who was practically family. He was appalled that we would even think of getting rid of the 20 year old couch that is in very poor condition and we reminisced of many an evening watching Gilmore Girls on that very sofa, as he proclaimed that our meeting was a Thanksgiving miracle. Gotta love that boy, even if he did have a dog named Sarah.

#8 Worked on the website with my fabulous father and may even get it up soon. Whoopee!

#9 Courtney the newlywed just called and we are meeting at Cafe Rio for lunch today. Yea for friends who don't disappear after getting married. Even if it is only because she's on a track break from teaching and Bob had school today.

#10 Oh, and mom making me play yet another game of Scrabble with her as I was falling asleep on the couch. She literally woke me up for each turn. Guess who won.

That about wraps that up. Good times, good times.


Kim said...

Sarah...i love reading your blog. it makes me feel almost like i just spent Thanksgiving with your family! (Which i would LOVE to do sometime, by the way).

What does your mom's new couch look like?

What website were you working on? Yours? I can't wait to see it.

How is Christina doing with that adorable baby?

And...after all that...were those "yellow delicious" apples really as good as your mom promised they would be?

Also...did you see Jeffrey R. Holland at Cafe Rio today? arm is free from the plaster prison and is still a bit stiff and sore...but it's naked and that's all that matters!

love you!

LuLuBelle said...

KIm...Congrats on the naked arm!

I love to read Sarah's blog too even when she makes fun of me.
The bright yellow Golden Delicious apples were indeed delicious in the traditional "Dixie fruit salad" that is a must at Thanksgiving. I used the last of the fruit salad to make smoothies for breakfast today...And we throughly enjoyed a quiet Thanksgiving with Sarah and without Turkey.

Sarita said...

Kim, so glad to hear that you're arm is naked!

The new couch is pretty, and tan, and a sectional, and leather, and italian, and comfy, and will provide nice contrast against the newly painted chocolate brown wall.

Yes, my website.

Christina is doing good. Especially since her swelling has gone down from getting her wisdom teeth removed 2 weeks after delivery.

Yes the yellow delicious apples were delicious. And my mother is a smart woman.

And sadly no General Authorities today, but of course I was at the location near my office, which is not the one that they (and I) frequent.

Love you too Kim!

And Mother darling, dearest: I never make fun of you, but rather revel in your humorous and I dare say witty nature.