Tuesday, November 28, 2006

...this is about The Bachelor but shhhhh....don't tell...

I am going to completely expose myself to judgment and ridicule for a moment while I reflect on how utterly upset I am over the final episode of The Bachelor. There are no words (well almost none) to express my disappointment. Now, if you haven't been a semi-avid viewer of said show, there is a good chance you know not of what I speak, but rest assured, this is serious stuff. I had much respect for the bachelor/pseudo prince named Lorenzo and his well grounded ways not to mention his admiration for Sadie and her good morals. Not only does she have standards, she is cute and witty and smart and seems very comfortable in her own skin. And fun. And sophisticated. But we all know that Sarah must be a poor judge of what men want since she definitely hasn't figured that out, so my opinion is not to be heeded. Still. He had a choice between two seemingly great prospects. Both pretty. Both blonde. Both Pisces. That's a little creepy. But Jen seemed a little more immature and unsure out of the two. She couldn't ever give any specifics about Lorenzo as to why she liked him except that he was amazing and had HUSBAND written all over him. She just seemed to go along with him, lacking some individuality and you couldn't see the same chemistry as you did with spunky Sadie. I suppose I am just a little disappointed as in some aspects I relate to Sadie in that she is a little guarded in letting herself fall for a guy (let me specify that it is not in how she handles every situation with grace because when I am with a guy that moderately impresses me I tend to act like a bumbling idiot, but in other ways, we are dead on). I thought he would go with her, I really did hope he would be man enough for such a woman, and how silly is it that I feel a tad personally rejected? Stupid reality TV.

Anyway. She is apparently better off with someone else. (That's cure all to rejection is it not? Patent pending?) I just think he could have handled the breaking it to her a little better. Yes, it is easy for me to speculate as I wouldn't know what I'd do in his shoes. Were I a guy. On a reality TV show. But his gushing about how stunning and beautiful she looked while gazing into her eyes followed by you know that letter you showed me where it said that you wanted a man who couldn't fathom being with another woman? (And maybe just maybe I'm projecting here, but I'm sure I'm not the only one expecting him to follow with something along the lines of I can't fathom being with anyone else but you) Well, there's another woman here and I would rather be with her. At which point Amelia threw her empty water bottle at the TV (do not cross that girl while yielding empty water bottles. She shows no mercy). So gotta respect his opinion. I guess. It's his life. On national television. I swore that when this one was over that I wouldn't get sucked into watching the next season but then they had a little sneak peek at the next one and it's called an Officer and a Gentleman and the guy said gosh dangit and it was cute. All I want for Christmas is Tivo. And camera lenses.

All I have to say is Jen, you may be marrying into the title of Princess, but I've been a princess since birth. Well at least since my parents decided that I didn't look like a Rebecca and decided to name me the Hebrew equivalent of the royal title.

Oh, and Lorenzo, I'm sure that you already figured this out. But you're dead to me.

*UPDATE* So sources tell me (but have not yet been confirmed) that Jen and Lorenzo are not engaged and that their future is uncertain. Love is a fickle thing. At least when it comes to reality television that is.


Manda said...

Also, Jen sounded like Michelle from "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion" when she talked.

While I totally despise this show, I always seem to catch the last episodes. And here's a rule of thumb for anyone looking to win the bachelor--
nod your head in agreement no matter what he is saying, agree to move to his hometown, express hollow sentiments, and above all, appear inferior, brainless, and easy at all costs.
Tah dah!!

Britten said...

I just busted a gut reading both your posts.

Once upon a time I too became enthralled by "The Bachelor" when it was Andrew Firestone and Jen. I was really hopin' it would work out for those kids. I followed all the headlines after that. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be and my Bachelor-watching days were over.