Monday, November 20, 2006

I'm a glutton for punishment

Sucker, doormat, whatever, but that is what it amounts to. I'm stressed right now with all I need to accomplish in the next few hours (including finishing this post!) and it's all due to my inability to say no. I guess I learned nothing from those circa 80's videos with the skateboarders and dancers and bright lights flashing while telling me in form of song that I indeed have the righteeyeteeeyetoe to say no. No. The right to say no. I leave tomorrow for Vegas. Wherein I will be shooting a wedding and then spend some relaxing time with the padres. I somehow managed not to do any cleaning or more importantly laundry this weekend. Might have something to do with the plethora of movies of which I partook (Stranger than fiction and Happy Feet are good flicks). I have a mountain of laundry to do and some general cleaning and washing of bedding and junk since Amelia's fam is staying at our apartment this weekend. Tonight is the big ward Thanksgiving dinner (it really is a big deal here) in which we will have the pleasure of watching a slideshow of pictures that I have taken over the year. Of which they notified me 2 days ago. Not realizing that for some reason the bulk of those pictures are at my sisters house. And it's been a pain getting them. And my photographer helpers that have been helping when I cant make it dutifully provided us with a blank cd. Bless their little hearts. And I am all anxious because I cant provide what would have been known as the best slideshow known to man. Sad. Yes, so I need to get my behind home and take a shower (which I neglected this morning as I slept in) so I don't feel gross more than anything, and then make it to this dinner. But then I just got this call from a blood drive that's happening in my old stake and they haven't had enough donors and need people before 5.....and I feel like I should get myself there. Despite the fact that giving blood takes a lot out of me, not just the blood, like energy, and puts me in a comatose state for awhile which probably wont help the photographer (me) take pictures tonight let alone get my laundry done and me packed and showered and the cat fed and her claws clipped, and litter box cleaned and not to mention going to the store to buy cat food and litter to do the before mentioned and fill my prescription and sleep.

But back on track.....I'm a pushover. So much so that when I stopped by the Institute Idol at the , well, institute, (which was actually quite impressive) and they announced that the next contestant would be Sarah Jones that I dutifully made my way up thinking, wow, and I didn't even audition, but realized as I reached the stage that it was in fact a different, blonde, Sarah Jones (NOT my doppleganger) who was singing Let It Be, which greatly surpassed my ready rendition of Ace of Base's, basses? whatever Don't Turn Around which has somehow lodged itself in my brain for the past four days. Complete with my own backup. Yes, so I am a pushover with a generic name. Beat that.

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Britten said...

I'm a pushover with a unique name, however, I have gotten very good at hiding from phone calls in the last few months. You should try it.