Wednesday, November 15, 2006

No soy gringa

Okay, well technically I am.

The medical assistant brought in tamales this morning. They were saying that I couldn't eat them because of the whole gluten thing, of which I promptly corrected them seeing as how tamales are made from corn (I'm pretty sure there's no flour in there, we'll see how I feel in the next little while). But they warned me not to eat them because they had jalepenos in them and are hot.

Me: (rolling my eyes)......I can handle hot......
MA: Um, this isn't GRINGO hot, they're HOT....
Me: Are you calling me a gringa? I told you I can probably handle it.
MA: Even I thought they were too husband thinks they're hot, you don't understand.
Me: Where are these tamales?
MA: Okay, but I warned you.

(Sarah enjoying a delicious tamale)

Me: That was good. Thanks.
MA: You LIKED them?
Me: Yes, I TOLD YOU.....
MA: Did you eat the jalepenos?
Me: Yesssss.
MA: (sheepishly) Oh, we didn't even eat them.....

So, in conclusion, I am the only gringa here and the only one to eat the jalepenos that apparently gringas such as myself cannot handle. A proud moment for Sarah. Granted, my sinuses are now exceptionally clear and my face a tad bit red, but yea, it was good.


LuLuBelle said...

Your such a Hot Tamale Sarah!

Britten said...

I also like food that hurts a little.