Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I rode through the desert on a horse with no name...

I went to the desert of Las Vegas to visit this little one. Which is surprisingly nice this time of year. Vegas that is, and the little one. And the little man is just precious. Gracie was so sweet with her new little cousin. Until of course about 30 seconds after these photos were taken when she dumps Jonas in Jess' lap sighing "He's heavvvv-ey". (I'm surprised that she used "he" as she has taken to calling him "her" or "it" more than anything).

The trip was enjoyable as usual. Maddie entertained me with current events, as can only be told by a 7 year old:

Maddie: You have to do a lot of stuff to get on an airplane. (in her matter of fact tone)
Me: Really, like what?
Maddie: Well. You have to go through these machines that can see if you have box cutters and stuff so you cant do anything bad.
Me: How do you know this?
Maddie: (Nonchalantly) We had an assembly at school with the airport people.
Maddie: And then.....they made Dexter go through this security thing with these fake guns and the alarm would go off.
Me: Who's Dexter?
Maddie: The janitor. He fought in the war.
Me: What war, the one right now?
Maddie: Ummm, no the American war. It was here. A long time ago.
Me: Ohhh, you mean the Civil War?
Maddie: Yeah, that's it. I know where the war is right now.
Me: Where?
Maddie: In Ireland.

Close Maddie, very close.

In conclusion.....what with traveling and all and my family being insomniacs and going to see movies at 9:50 pm, haven't got much sleep as of late. And so was exhausted at an earlier than normal hour last night. I climbed into bed and went to set my alarm on my phone (seeing as how my alarm clock was unplugged for some reason and I was lazy) and somewhere in the process I fell asleep with phone in hand. At some point, I roll over and hear beeping noises. And then a faint phone ring. Yes, my phone was calling someone, and so I stopped it, being too tired to even look and see who it was, and rolled back over. Sometime after, the same someone calls me back, and I'm afraid to say that I remember very little of the conversation at this point as I think I was half asleep. Which frightens me. But thank you for calling me back someone and listening to what I'm sure were incoherent ramblings, and waking me from a near slumber as I apparently never finished setting the alarm and probably would not have gotten up this morning otherwise, quite possibley clinching your title as coolest person on earth. (In retrospect, I thought it was a dream as I had some strange dreams last night, but I'm pretty sure it actually happened, and am now slightly embarrased).

PS.....a coworker just walked into my office and was talking about the girl that did her hair last night. How's she's only 20 and married:

Co-worker: I want to get married.
Me: Yes, but not to get married just to be married. Remember that.
Co-Worker: I know (rolling her eyes) it's not just to be married.... it's for the dress (she was pretty much serious).


Rachel said...

did you tell her that a marriage license is not required to obtain a wedding dress? I have one she could buy...

Rachel said...

and why is it that in elementary school the janitor is the only adult it is acceptable to call by their first name??

Britten said...

Maddie is hilarious.

Lil' guy is too cute.

You need to get the hell away from Utah and all surrounding states...the Marriage Wanna-be Pit o' Despair.