Monday, November 13, 2006

The Golden Years

I really should considering making some friends my own age. Or closer to it anyhow. Yes, my roommate is actually just a few months older than I, but my other friend, well she's about four years my junior. And I guess I have more friends? But these are the people I am in contact with most?

Recently, I was at dinner with Courtney, her little sister and roommate and boyfriend. Discussion turned to how roommate was turning 21, and ages and the like. I proudly pronounced that I had them all beat at 26. She looks at me wide eyed and a hushed "Really?" escapes her lips. Not realizing that this was sucha shocker, I nod my head with a perplexed, slightly skeptical look on my face. "Well," she suddenly retorts apparently having composed herself despite the shocking news, she leans forward and sympathetically says, "you really don't look it...."

I am so very glad that I am not looking my age. Because that would be terrible if someone was to assume that I was in my mid20's as opposed to my early ones. No matter. I had fun. And I must admit I did feel suddenly mature and wise. Because of that and the fact that we were eating at the Mayan (a restaurant definitely more concerned with atmosphere than their food). And so we enjoyed such entertainment as men in speedos diving into a pool of water(I didn't realize that the Thunder from Down Under had expanded to Utah and the Mayan apparently....
seriously, speedos people, why?) and then their safari personality person who's job was apparently to make people feel awkward while trying to enjoy poorly prepared food in a loud restaurant full of water and fake jungle sounds that made conversation practically impossible by approaching girls who are apparently older than the rest of their group but don't look it and bowing down while loudly proclaiming "Shena of the Jungle! You have returned! I am not worthy! Are you still dating Tarzan?"

The thing is, I can be witty and a good sport and all, but not always when put on the spot like that. I wasn't as responsive as he had hoped. And I'm sorry. But Tarzan? Apparently he lived in the Mayan jungles? Get your story straight people, and then maybe, just maybe, I will swing from the fake vines with you. But I make no promises.


Rachel said...

I have to second your opinion of the Mayan. I have to admit, though, I was not mistaken for Tarzan's girlfriend while there.

Britten said...

Can you say "Poorly copied Rainforest Cafe"?