Thursday, November 16, 2006

"Are you the kind of person that takes time to get to know, and then once you get to know them... they're fabulous?"

Yep, that pretty much sums me up. Only it's sad because few people are willing to stick around for the long haul and behold the fabulous nature of the gotten to know Sarah. It's just as well, they probably wouldn't appreciate my fabulous nature anyhow. It's sort of abstract. I'm just glad that my family sometimes get me.

Speaking of family, Mom sent me this picture this morning. My initial thoughts were these: Little Man Jonas is ridiculously cute, Nina is one hot mama, and I am one lucky auntie. I've noticed that when I speak of my new nephew and a half (Rachel's coming along nicely with her own little boy) to others, the common response is along the lines of congratulations. To which I give I usually respond with a thank you I didn't do anything or something of that nature. But it occurred to me that us Aunts don't get nearly enough credit for our role in the whole new baby thing. I mean, think about it: there's baby shower duties, emotional sisterly support duties, baby holding duties, being the fun aunt who doesn't enforce any of the rules duties, and then fielding questions about when you are having kids so you better get married duties. (Those are the most demanding). All kinds of duties, believe you me. So, really I think more recognition is to be had. It's not as if I am asking for a parade. I would, but I know Mom is not big on parades because they make her cry, and were it a parade in my behalf, the waterworks would definitely overflow. I'm thinking more of a monetary recognition. Or gifts. Gifts are always acceptable. For all my hard work and auntie duties. And in this particular case, there were the tireless efforts to prepare this mother for motherhood. Nina, those countless times we played Princess and Servant for hours and you waited on me hand and foot and I conveniently grew tired of the game just when it was your turn to be the princess and me the servant? Nothing to do with your older sister taking advantage of you're naivity. That was all for you. When we had to clean our room and we put a strip of masking tape down the middle so that it would be "fair" as I threw stuff from my side to yours everytime you weren't looking. For you. And then those countless Saturday mornings when I was bored and went and pounced on you in your bed so you would wake up and talk to me, nothing to do with me, all you......these were just selfless efforts to prime you for dealing with motherhood, the childlike ways of these youngsters, serving someone before yourself, and the lack of sleep. It wasn't easy, but I now see that it was worth it. For you are a spectacular mom already.


Jessica said...

I love this picture of Jonas. He is so sweet and pretty! I actually felt a pang of missing holding him the other day, and the same time I thought I smelled him and had this panic feeling like "where is he?"

Britten said...

Woah, Jess, you need a baby!

Christina looks way too young to be holder HER baby! Yikes.

Sarah, yes kudos for being the cool Aunt. And I totally remember you doing all that to Nina. Thanks for the memories.