Thursday, September 14, 2006

There is beauty in the breakdown...

I think of this line when I feel like I'm losing it. There really is beauty in the breakdown, and this meaning can be interpreted a number of ways, kinda like Isaiah. Look at me making pop culture all spiritual. I enjoy the feeling of helplessness. Or coming up from it anyway. That feeling that you can conquer the world after realizing your own humanity.

So, I've just been over tired, busy, stressed, dealing with the silliest issues at work, etc. On an average day, this is not Sarah, but that's because I'm mellow to a fault, and let stuff build up. But in my recent exhaustion I realized a few things. 1) somehow I still find the time and energy to blog? 2) the little things in life make me niece's exuberance in showing me her homework from preschool and exclaiming "awent I doing so good!", watching Magnum PI (which I havent seen in ages) whilst waiting for pictures to upload after what seems like years of technical difficulties (and we're not talking user error here, I've just had the worst luck ever lately....power outages to name one). There's something about that thick mustache and tight shorts that just puts the mind at ease, Jessica and I talking about V for Vendetta, how good it is the bittersweet Jess put it "they could never be together" (this is where I expect a analytical observation regarding the Vendetta, or V's cause, something other than.....) "because he has no face." and 3) after much stress and worrying and work, everything works out in the end. Yes, I'm a hopeless optimistic. A contradiction in terms. That is me.

See? It's beautiful. The breakdown that is.


Jessica said... IS kinda hard to kiss a guy without a face!

christina said...

i would have to agree, based purely upon speculation.

Sarita said...

Well let me tell you from personal experience, it's not an easy task.

Britten said...

Oh YES! Jess and I well know that there is indeed BEAUTY in the BREAKDOWN!!!! You got that right! And I'm assuming that you've heard the song.

Funny, I was just thinking that I am a walking contradiciton too. Hmmmm...

V for Vendetta - yeehaw! I love that movie and have to eat eggs in a basket while watching it over and over. And I also can't help but imagine writing a fan ficiton which would be a Star Wars alternate universe based on V for Vendetta occuring after Episode III wherein Padme lives and sort of takes on the role of Evy and V is Darth Vader but she doesn't know that he's really Anakin until the bittersweet end. And it could be Vader rising up against the Empire instead of working for it. And she could still go on and kiss that mask....she could kiss it and then she could just kiss it somemore (have you seen "She's the Man"?).

Sorry...I just really have a thing for men in black capes and masks and thought I would elaborate.

Look at you! Making pop culture all spiritual. Glad you've joined me. It's one of my callings in life, I've decided.