Tuesday, September 12, 2006

By Popular Demand

Or just Jessica's....but she's popular. Here you go Jess. I know this is not all of them, but I'm getting there. Been a busy busy girl.

Busy includes: Editing lots and lots of pictures, babysitting those two cute girls up there, making new friends at Cafe Rio, watching Prison Break, trying in vain to find fast gluten free foods, and oh, working. I think that sometimes I sleep somewhere in there, but I'm not sure where. Not last night anyway.

So, confessional. The real reason I have not finished everyone's family photos yet is this: as soon as I do, you all will be asking for the pictures of the whole fam damily. The pictures that Courtney described as "Ooooh, you ones with the awkward single child that you spend a minute trying to figure out who she belongs too and realize that the couples just don't add up." No actually I am busy, but she brings up a good point.

Cafe Rio yesterday, made a new friend. He probably has realized by the frequency that I visit the joint and my perfect (if I do say so myself) pronunciation of tostada, that I speak spanish. He was testing me. I asked for black beans, he says of okay, and then kinda apprehensively looks up and confirms "Negroes?" waiting for my reply. So yes, we spoke in spanish, and then the remainder of the time while I was waiting, he and coworkers kept asking if I'd come back tomorrow same time. Por favor?" This is why I love Cafe Rio. Has nothing to do with the heavenly food.

Also, the other night when I tried to get something to eat as I was wasting away to nothing, I swing into Wendy's for a gluten free potato and chili. The warbley speaker responds that they are out of potatoes. I ask the speaker to remove the chili from my order then please. Speaker responds, but we are just out of potatoes, we have chili. Yes, I understand, I just don't want the chili. But you can still get it.

I was fighting with a drive thro speaker that was food pushing. Speakers these days.

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Britten said...

Cafe Rio sounds like "Cheers - where everybody knows your name." I want to go there...

Yes, that whole fam damily thing...I know about that.

Nice pic of Jess and fam.