Thursday, September 21, 2006


Marie, originally uploaded by true story.

These are from a bridal shoot last weekend in the Utah County Courthouse. Very cool building. I had never been inside prior to the shoot. and in retrospect, the lighting situation wasnt ideal. Got some good stuff nevertheless. Marie is laying on her tummy in the middle shot and I'm on the floor. I took tons of pictures of her shoes at this angle. Just loved the toule, the architecture, and the cute toenails. The whole thing was good fun, and Marie's british accent only made it better. :)


LuLuBelle said...


Jessica said...

I think they are bueatiful! Does she like them?

Sarita said...

Well, in her own words.... "Thank you so much! I absolutely LOVE them!"

I was relieved.

Britten said...

This are fabulous! And the British accent would be the icing!