Thursday, September 21, 2006

Word Vomit

Yes, I know that just sounds lovely, but seriously best describes an experience of the night before last, and one that is unfortunately not entirely uncommon in my life. So I am attending the 25-30 singles association institute class (I can hear your silent cheers for me family and I thank you). There are a TON of people in the class. I'm talking we fill the chapel and entire overflow. Which makes for nice people watching. People, a handful of which I actually kinda know. One of which used to be in my ward and called my name as I was leaving the room afterwards. I barely heard her and so turned slowly to see if it was in fact my name being called and for me (seeing how I hear my name all the freaking time).

She asked why I scowled at her. I'm noticing a trend. Do I scowl a lot? I'm thinking it was just the inquisitive nature of my searching for the name caller outer, but I'm willing to accept that I just might be a chronic scowler. We spoke of her pending trip to Asia and my photography and recent incidents that stressed me out and robbed me of sleep while I worked on them. And why this and that happened, and how I love it even though I'm tired and I realized I was repeating myself, and possibly leaving out pertinent details (I do that sometimes....while scowling) because she looked at me with this forced interest laced with concern.......

It dawned on me that she probably didn't care about these little details, and being as how we really are nothing more than acquaintances, I really didn't need to divulge this all to her, and I was being incredibly dull to boot.......and yet, I couldn't stop. I tried to remedy the situation by lightheartedly adding to the story something I think she would enjoy, or somehow relating it to her, or including something, anything, of actual interest.....but it just got worse, and her expression changed from feigned interest and slight concern, to no interest and lots of concern, and Sarah I think you going a little bit crazy. I recall actually thinking to myself, "Sarah, stop talking. Ask her a question, anything. Cut your losses and run." But unfortunately I don't often listen to myself.

Seriously people, couldn't stop. Maybe I am crazy. The closest thing I could equate to it would be the word vomit dubbed by our dear Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls, only hers was more gossip if I remember correctly, and mine was just mind numbing dullness. Kind of like this post.

Has this ever happened to you?


LuLuBelle said...

Maybe she just has a listeninig problem and you are just too cool for her to understand and appreciate....think about that.

Britten said...

Well, I would love for you to just word vomit to me at a social gathering...we could sit for hours. Do you notice I do it all the time?