Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Weekend Update

Yes, so this weekend, breaking news:

At church, I snuck in right before the opening hymn and sat in the back all by my lonesome. After the meeting finished, a sat for a moment while others milled around, and was approached by a an unfamiliar Hispanic face. He asked if I was new in the ward. I smiled politely and said "no, I'm pushing a year, but have been out of town lately". He smiles politely back and says "Well I'm new." So I ask his name, he responds Pedro. He asks where I'm from, I tell him Vegas. He is from Colombia and at that point, without my telling him asks if I speak Spanish. I tell him yes, and answer his questions about my mission. And then it comes: "Te gusta bailar?", I smile sheepishly thinking I know what's coming next (the only dates I get asked out on are usually from hispanic men who want to go dancing). I explain that I like to dance, but don't really. "Because I could tell by the way you walk that you dance." he says. "Oh" I say while blushing. "I am a salsa instructor and there is this competition in 2 months in Vegas, I think you could enter". "Based on how I walk?" "You could do it. Do you have a skirt that goes to your knees?" "um, yeah?". "How about some high heels? Those would work" gesturing towards my kitten heeled shoes, "but something higher?" "Yes" while thinking I am already taller than you buddy.
"How about some glitter for you face?" "Ummm, no, this I don't have." "Well, we can get you some.....how about a fitted shirt? It would be best if it had some sparkley stuff on it." I feel a little bad as I think I just started laughing at this point.

Anyway, he insisted on dancing with me once and then we could take it from there. We'll see. Could be fun. Anyway, as I stood to go to Gospel Doctrine, we shook hands. In a flash, my hand turned in his and I twirled around, rather gracefully if I do say so myself. Pedrito (as he insisted I call him) looked me up and down, and says "I knew it". That sealed the deal on the blushing. Not only the attention from him but the fact that many seemed to wonder why we were dancing in the chapel. I found the entire situation rather amusing, and was telling Mom about it later that day. She was relaying the story to Dad who retorted "That's a line if ever I heard one."

At the very least, gotta hand it to him for being bold. I tire of guys never taking action.


In other news.....Ryan had taken the girls camping and so Jess and I spent last night making invitations to Nina's shower (come one and all!) and watching Shopgirl. Which I loved. Jason Schwartzman's character was fantastic. And I've been a fan of Claire Danes since the My So Called Life years. So good. Even though I've determined that I don't have the most discriminating taste in movies. My friends all seem to differ in their movie tastes and are pretty opinionated about them, and yet, I either love or at least enjoy the movies that they all like, while thinking me odd for liking the ones that they don't. I suppose I'm just easy to please, simple minded, or apathetic. Not sure which.


stace said...

when is ninas shower?

Sarita said...

August 10th. It's all happened pretty fast since Rachel will be in town. You'll be getting an invite shortly.

Britten said...

I want to come!! Hey Kim- here's our chance to meet up with the Jones family!! What do you say we take a jaunt down there?

Sarah - I feel the same way about movies...I either like them or love them (or just don't see them). It's really a pet peeve of mine how discriminatory people can be about movies these days. I want to say, "Shut up! When was the last time you made a movie?", but yes, I think we are easy to please too ;)

Vote for Pedro! That's so cute...I say dance your little pants off with him. Not literally, though.

Sarita said...

Britten, Kim, and any of our other Californian friends can come.

Seriously now, Britten. Don't toy with our affections here.

christina said...

Ohhh...please come, please come! I would love to see you wonderful ladies!