Thursday, July 27, 2006


So these are some recent ones:

Shortly after Jess' move, Courtney and I were driving around with Jess, her girls, and cousin Katherine (just 6 months younger than Maddie, and her first cousin once removed).

Katherine: A bird pooped on my head once.
Maddie: You might get the bird flu.
Katherine: What's that?
Maddie: It can make you dead. It's kinda like cancer.
Gracie: I have canswer!
Maddie: (In a very condescending voice that only a know it all big sister can muster) No you don't.
Gracie: Yes I do! Then why do I keep coughwing?
Maddie: (in the same tone) You just have some germs.

*Just a note, not once do I recall Gracie coughing anytime during our excursion.*


And then this weekend: Jess was telling Maddie that Dad was going to be taking them up to a place called Butterfly Lake to go camping.

Jess: isn't that a cool name for a lake?
Maddie: Yeah! I think I've been there before with Grandma.
Jess: Really?
Maddie: Yeah, because there were butterflies everywhere.
Maddie(again): Actually there were butterflies on one half and dragonflies on the other half.
Maddie(yet again): And then one side had a bunch of wasps.
Jess: Wasps? That doesn't sound really fun.
Maddie: It's not. And then there was this snake, and I was running away from it. And then I didn't see it and picked up this stick and it flicked the snake really far.
Maddie: (as an after thought): The snake didn't like it very much.

*PS.....Maddie makes things up sometimes. There is a good chance that the entire story was fabricated. Go figure.*


stace said...

i think i have been to that place before.

side note: i think maddie is hillarious.

Britten said...

Maddie is hilarious....quite the character.

LuLuBelle said...

maddie and her wonderful imagination!

christina said...

Maybe there really IS a lake that is one half butterflies, one half dragonflies, and one part wasps. Should we be so skeptical?