Monday, July 31, 2006


This Sunday, we had a combined Priesthood/RS, which can be a great escape from the norm. One of our fabulous counselors in the bishopric spoke of many topics but mostly commitment. In the dating sense. It was very entertaining. How, throughout the years he had a couple sisters speak to him about breaking off relationships due to finding Diet Coke in his fridge, or discovering that he watches football on Sundays. Brother Nelson merely smirked and said in sarcastic tones "that's really too bad."

Speaking generally, but also in terms of dating, commitment to a cause. Not sitting around and waiting for something to happen, but making a goal and being proactive. Which I suppose is always a good course of action. If you want something to happen that is.

This one guy spoke of his admiration for this one couple that were still dating other people at the point that they became engaged. And how they even had plans for dates in the week following and kept those commitments. The bishop just turned around and retorted, "That's weird."


Rachel and Jared got into town this weekend. It's great to see them and the girls. Even if Rach gives me lectures about giving guys a chance. (Which I do by the way). Hannah is so grown up looking and Lily is a darling little version of Rachel. Pictures to come soon.


stace said...

hi sarah. will you take some family pics of us when you come through st. george?

Rachel said...

Thanks for humoring me. Sometimes I just need to feel like a big sister still. (I am having withdrawals from lecturing the Relief Society...j/k)

Rachel said...

Don't forget to do your visiting teaching!

Rachel said...

hardy har har.