Friday, July 21, 2006


For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of visiting my abode......there is a back entrance that feeds almost directly into my bedroom. Problem is, most people, being delivery persons (I'm sp PC), solicitors, or others who don't understand my directions, treat it as our front door as it displays our apartment number and even has a doorbell. So when the doorbell rang at 4:30am it was a little jarring and confusing. It took me a minute to gather my senses as I heard a firm rapping at the storm door outside my window. I peaked outside, and from my angle could see a flash light shining in my direction and the arm of a man covered in a blue sleeve and yellow badges. "Ooh, COPS!"I thought to myself (still a little out of it). And continued to be concerned not only because of the policemen at my door, but out of paranoia over anyone I didn't know showing up at the back at such an hour. Also a little disappointed as there didn't seem to be any camera's behind them to document all this. Turns out Amelia's car had been broken into along with some others on the street and they were being good little policemen. So I stood outside with Amelia and the officers with broken glass covering the street at 4:30 this morning. One tried to write up a report of the incident while the other told us that he was looking into buying a Pathfinder and what kind of gas mileage did she get?

Makes for a good story at the very least. And comforting to know that the police are around. Turns out nothing was missing, just random vandalism. Much like my broken window a while ago. So I definitely could empathize. Poor dear.


Kim said...

Idiot vandals...Fabulous Policemen.

stace said...

you have a much more exciting life than I do!!

Britten said...

"Excitement is hardly the word I would choose."


I laugh in the face of danger...

No really, I would be saying, "My garres!" (That's baby Bradley talk for "I'm scared".)