Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Take me out to the ballgame

This weekend I attended my first minor league baseball game. It was a treat. It's just funny how some people go for the love of the game, and I'm just there for atmosphere. And hotdogs. Really it was enjoyable, except for the girl sitting in front of us who kept making loud comments about all the eye candy she was spying from her seat. And which players were her boyfriends. And how they have good stats "and im not talking about their playing stats....if you know what I mean". It got a little old real fast. All in all, it was fun. Except for the fact that it is a slightly boring game. And my friends, one of which is a huge baseball fan, the other coaches high school softball, couldnt quite fathom how I would even consider leaving early to meet up with my other friends to see MI 3. But I did. And it was enjoyable. Even if my other friends consist of an engaged couple and one married couple. And I learned that you can go sit outside the outfield for free, on a grassy lawn. So this is what I will be doing next time. I can bring a little cafe rio maybe, sit on a blanket, and it's free!

In sci-fi entertainment news....Jess is getting me hooked. We were talking about Stargate yesterday and she has got me all pumped to explore the world of Firefly. Which apparently, if you know of the series, then you are definitely cool. And heaven knows that is my goal in life. And I have nothing better that I should be doing. Damn you Netflix Queue.


christina said...

I want a hot dog. with mustard.

Sarita said...

Go figure, preggie.