Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hello my baby

I have really strange dreams. I think I get it from Mom. And Rachel gets the whole talking in her sleep thing from Mom. But, Rach, I have yet to hear Mom speak in tongues while sleeping. She did sing the national anthem. So I'll give her that.

My dream the other night. Nina's tummy was sticking out like a torpedo, and then for some completely rational reason, she sat down and started moving her stomach around, kinda beating it in order to "wake the baby up". Once the baby was awake her skin formed a sort of vacuum seal around the infant who was just sitting on Nina's stomach. And we found out that she was having a girl.

A mix between alien and, well, I don't know, make your own analogy.

I shared this with Nina, and her response was first....."gross", and then, "figures".

Keep in mind that the poor dear is still perpetually sick.


And the newly married receptionist at work changed her name yesterday. We all made the obligatory remarks such as "you're a new woman!" and talked about her full name, and if her maiden name was a part of it. I made some stupid remark about being Sarah Indiana Jones, I really need to learn when to lay low. Because suddenly the subject changed to me being single, and how i don't have a middle name so I will be Sarah Jones Right as in Mr. Right. And is there a potential Mr. Right? Not exactly. How about a Mr. Right Now? No? Seriously?

Why is it so hard for people to fathom the idea that I don't actively date? Sure I like good company, people I enjoy, and if mutual interest develops, that's fantastic! I'm not a big fan of dating for the sake of dating. I don't like to pressure myself, or someone else. I guess me venting here doesn't give me much credibility as one who doesn't care about her single status.

Im done. Except for the fact that this office is a literal freezer. Im serious. Im keeping frozen goods in my desk to save on the electricity bill at home.


Manda said...

maybe you could make some of those kool-aid popsicles in ice trays, too. You know, as an office treat.
Hope Nina feels better soon! :( And that her baby is not an alien. :)

Rachel said...

can I have a popsicle?