Friday, May 05, 2006


To whom it may concern.....if you remember this guy.

My little conversation with Rach yesterday included the following:

potchergirl: hey
potchergirl: are you there?
saritajones: yup
saritajones: how you doing?
potchergirl: Just so you know, I don't think you are an old maid.
potchergirl: i'm good
saritajones: thanks, because i was really concerned about that
saritajones: good
potchergirl: I just found out Tim is engaged
saritajones: oh yeah? good for him!
saritajones: it's not to me is it?
potchergirl: ha ha
potchergirl: too bad I don't get him for a brother in law
potchergirl: sob saab
potchergirl: I'm not picking, just passing on info
potchergirl: his wife is really cute and way more mormony looking than you
potchergirl: so obviously you guys weren't a match
saritajones: no, that was a bad joke, seeing how he made all these plans for me to spend time with his family when he came out here
potchergirl: yeah, I got the connotation

So my questions are the we werent a good match because she is cute and mormony? Apparently I'm uncute and evil. ;) Kidding. And why do I feel the need to explain my jokes?

I'm glad that he found someone.


Rachel said...

In my defense, I know that if I called you "mormony" you would take that as an insult. And you are beautiful, not cute.

Rachel said...

AND, the old maid comment was in reference to a previous conversation. Sarah, you are really making me look bad.

Sarita said...

sorry, it was way too fun. And easy.

FYI, Rachel is an angel and a wonderful sister.