Monday, March 27, 2006

A good day

Is one were Sarah does not get stuck in her car because her seatbelt somehow decides not to come undone and she sits helpless as she has left her phone on her desk and doesnt know what to do.

And feels really pathetic.

Until the seatbelt suddenly decides to work.


christina said...

that is an awesome story. I love when things like that happen to me. things that make you think, "there is no way this has ever happened to anyone else."

Rachel said...

yeah, me too, because things like that happen to me all the time, and to some other people I know, too, and we are all like: "isn't it amazing when something happens to you that you know has never happened to anyone else?" and then this guy comes in and says, "hey, that happened to me once, and my dog was there."