Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Oops, I did it again

And I can't believe I just quoted Brittany Spears. But yes, I got stuck in my car again. Longer this time, which caused me to be late to my class to the point that I gave up and didn't go. I am convinced that the universe is out to get me. Fortunately, after persistent efforts to free myself from the car of death (I call it that because I happened to be parked on a railroad track, and a train with no brakes was hurling towards me) I found a trusty hair clip thing in my purse and jimmied the belt just so that I was released. Just in the nick of time. You can call my MacGyver. Go ahead. I may just have to keep a butter knife in the vehicle at all times for such emergencies. Can you say ghetto? And yes, Christina, I know it is a given with the 83 Tercel that you are driving, but need I remind you that I drove that thing with the window DUCKTAPED closed because it kept falling down? I feel your pain.

In addition to my narrow escape from death, I did make it to FHE without mishap (whew, because that would have been awful to miss). We were at the food bank again. And I diligently took pictures of the food sorting action. Would you like to guess how many people asked if I was taking as many pictures of everyone else as I was of them? Go ahead, guess. Wrong, there was a innumerable amount. And this is all I have to say to them 1) Get over yourself 2) No I am not stalking you or have a thing for you and so am taking many pictures of you that I can keep by my bed at night because that's sorta pathetic, and while I do get stuck in my car, I have some dignity that I would like to retain 3) You know that it is my calling to take pictures, so don't act so surprised 4) Just because the camera flashes several times in your general vicinity, does not mean I am taking a picture of YOU, I have been instructed to get pictures of everyone of the 100+ people working in this small area and 5) I am not heartless, I understand you may not like to have your picture taken, I'm right there with you, but suck it up.

I really don't mind so much, but a few people (guys) thought I was following them. It's the usual issue, either they assume that I'm weird and run away or assume that I must have a major crush on them and follow me instead. This is what I get for trying to fulfill my calling.


christina said...

The window still falls down. And still has duct tape marks on it.

Manda said...

I think you should lock one of these ego enthralled boys up in your seat belt possessed car and take pictures of them so you can demonstrate that THAT is what it would be like if you were a stalking, obsessive girl.
I'll bet it works like a charm.

Hobo said...

Ah yes. egocentric guys who are so vain as to think YOU have a crush on them, much less are willing to give them the time of day, or night for that matter.

I find it sociologically prevalent in Utah. Where there are high concentrations(face it) of marriage crazed pouncers out and about. know what I'm sayin? They ruin it for the innocent passerbys.

Sarita said...

It's true. I've decided that there are three categories. Those who are marriage obsessed, those who are marriage paranoid, and those who are in between, and are confused, and so rock themselves to sleep in the corner.