Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sunny Days

So far this morning has looked like this:

Sunny drive to work with the light all reflecting off the fall colors and all that loveliness. Which in the Northwest is a BIG deal. I am cherishing each non-overcast day that I can before they are pretty much all thus. Not that I can't get down with the overcast in all it's awesomeness but when it gets to be everyday for months it CAN be oppressive. So HurraH for that. I will probably walk to Goodwill at lunchtime to celebrate and soak up the rays. I also was cleaning out my coat pockets at my desk because I for some reason had a wadded up wrapper to a gluten free muffin in there. That someone made for me at a church ladies thing weeks ago. Her husband discovered his gluten intolerance a year or so ago and she is an avid baker. And knew that there would be pumpkin breads and the like at the activity and wanted to make sure that just in case any of the other possible 2 not liking gluten people that maybe could show up were not left out. She is my hero. Also possibly because she then invited us over for dinner and homemade GF pizza and cookies and ice cream. And her kids are hilarious. Back to the pockets. Muffin rapper (ha...make that wrapper....that raps about muffins) in one, hairband (YES....those elusive suckers disappear on me like nobody's business, so each one is a treasure) in the other and then what I thought was a tampon but lo and behold....a package of Smarties in my pocket from Halloween! So much better! Also, I got to work "on time" this morning (pulled the car in on time) which is always a triumph for me. I totally killed this morning despite setting my alarm for 6 and not getting up till 6:40. Showered and everything ya'll.

Other things today:

Wearing my sweet freebie glasses. Did I mention that I got some glasses for free on some book of the face promotion? No? Because I haven't been blogging for realsies for, like, ever? Well I did. 

Also, I have discovered that I really need to clean out my email. As in, I get way too many emails that I really don't need. Today, my inbox looks like this......

Plum District (x4) and guess what site and emails I have not even glanced at after signing up for months ago?
Real Simple (x2)
Deals That Matter
Google Calender - informing me that I have nothing scheduled for today. The same as it does everyday.                                          
                             Because I don't really use Google Calender....and still get updates....everyday.
Knitting Daily
Monster Job Search Agent - When did I use Monster last? Who knows. Because I don't like it. 
InStyle Magazine
Gilt Group
That one MaryKay lady that I talked to probably 10 years ago and cannot seem to get off her list
Beyond the Rack
Digital Photographers
and it goes on.......

Can't believe that I actually just took the time to share that with you? Me neither. What is even more troubling is that this is what it looks like daily. And I actually open um....maybe two of those. If that. And the stuff that I actually want to look at gets lost in all the other stuff. And yet, when I go to clean out or mark some of it as Spam I wonder....will I want this in the future? Or some day when I am really bored or even not so much bored but actually have time to look at all of this crap? I think I am an email hoarder. I just can't let go. Which is probably better than being a real life hoarder. I would rather be virtually cluttered than literally and very physically cluttered with stuff. The lots of moving and now living in our small lil apartment is making it increasingly easier for me to get rid of stuff. 

But Monster and MaryKay, sorry, you at least will have to go. Baby steps. 



Evan and Holly said...

I do not know of very many transplants to Portland who can handle the gloomy overcast very well. I know of even a few natives that it bothers. It never bothered me. However, sometimes I wonder if after living here in Utah, where it is usually sunny even when butt freezing cold, how I'd do if I moved back to Portland, or to Seattle, or to San Fransisco. Something to think on. Much better to be a virtual horder. P.S. I read every one of your posts. I'm just a bad commentor. There never seems to be anything good to say. P.S. How do I learn to bake gluten style.

Joel said...
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Joel said...


LuLuBelle said...

I lOve it when you blog.