Monday, November 07, 2011


This morning started with a very reluctant waking up and getting out of bed at least a half hour after I should have gotten out of bed and subsequently basically the same time I get out of bed every day. I am not a very happy morning person. Other than being grumpy about morning's rude arrival, I felt fine and started getting ready fast-like. Which has been oh so much easier as of late since I actually put all of my clothes away for the first time since we moved into ye olde small apartment. I then rudely made the guy get up since he was taking me to work today and we needed to bring Kai in to see the boss lady per her request. And you obey the boss lady. Especially after you have nicknamed her the godfather. We took a breather from hurried getting ready-ings to watch the babe sleep for a minute. Because he is adorable. And usually he is the one waking us up. I love how he sleeps all weird-like and tucks his knees under him so his butt is up in the air. See? Adorbs. And I ran into the bathroom to brush the teeth and hair and realized that I could not move my neck at that point. I must have been too tired to realize it earlier. But man....hours and advil and tylenol and icy hot patches and it is still hurting something fierce. And I just knocked a plug out under my desk that HAS to be in for my phone to work and me to do my job. Crawling under there with a janky neck and pencil skirt was not pretty.

But all of that aside, it was a nice weekend. We went to City Liquidators to get a couple things that we needed super cheap. And it is a fun place to walk around because they have some cool and some seriously crazy stuff. Full body armor anyone? And a seriously large Moose head that the guy very kindly directed me away from before I saw it and went all anxiety attack on him. I of course then had to half look at it peering around stacks of furniture because I have a strange fascination with things that frighten me. And am a glutton for punishment. And everyone commented (as per usual) on our happily cute baby. He really was in an especially good mood that day. His Great Grandpa Harris' nickname of Happy Sam fits him well. Even if his name is not actually Sam.  Sunday was lazy and productive all at the same time. I love my little family.

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