Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Everyday Minerals

This has never been a quote unquote "product" blog. Nor do I wish you to judge me for my redundancy in both typing quote unquote and using quotations. But the fact remains that 1) I am terrible at posting pictures of my life and sweet child because I am A) terrible at getting said photos off my camera cards and B) spend way too much time playing with the photos before sharing them and 2) have an unhealthy love for all things cheap! and free!. Does this mean that I love free products more than my baby? We shall not go down that road. It has been a learning process for me to separate free! or cheap! from free! & simultaneously worth my while!. Obtaining things that you don't need or end up using =
clutter and unnecessary accumulation. Also, I value true value. I like actual good products, and am willing to pay the little bit extra when I can for them. Not only do they work better but usually those better products go farther and prevent the need of other products.

Example: Cheap makeup. Yes it is better when I really can't afford or justify the expenditure of $25+ on my BareMinerals makeup. Trade off = my skin suffers. It gets dry or breaks out. Which necessitates more moisturizer, more skin care products. The cheap stuff never goes on right, has to be reapplied, wears off easily, and either doesn't get used because it's crappy, or gets used up twice as fast because it doesn't apply as well, is less pigmented, or doesn't stay put. Making the greater expenditure a better value. Most of you know this. However, this does not keep me from constantly looking for even BETTER values. One source that has not steered me wrong has been my REAL SIMPLE reviews.

I love the magazine. I love the website. I love their emails that clutter my inbox. Maybe because I am a sucker for packaging and their aesthetic presentation gets me every time. But I am more so convinced that they have genius ideas and their reviews are pretty spot on. So I was more than pleasantly surprised when they sent me an email today going over the best mineral makeups. Money is tight, and this is somewhere that I am always searching to save. Sometimes their reviews simply include the stuff that is out of my price range. Because good products cost more money. Dang it. But today's alternative, that they seem to be ranking up there with my beloved BareMinerals, is Everyday Minerals, at half the price of my normal foundation.

Whoohoo! The catch, they don't have the ounce-age listed on the website, so perhaps they are just being super tricky. What they DO have - a FREE sample selection in their different shades of base or foundation. 5 different shades in your range (super fair white pale white for me not an actual shade but the name i made up for my skin tone) so you can find the one that fits you. The $5 cost is subtracted from your cart and there is no other purchase necessary.

AND if you DO desire to order more (at what seem like really great prices and pretty cheap shipping) use the code EM20 to get 20% off your order to boot. I am excited to test this out.

See the short REAL SIMPLE review here.

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