Thursday, October 20, 2011

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You know what’s fabulous? If you haven’t explored their deals, go there now-like. The daily (and beyond) deals there are always unique and drool worthy. And while I am usually wiping my chin over the home decor and other various items that are less kid centric, also has pretty regular baby and children’s products featured. Not to mention that when you sign up, you get an automatic $10 credit. I'm a sucker for free credit. What you can see discounted there today is one of my new favorite eye candy products for my baby. Kid O, the self proclaimed Design Store for Children offers beautiful and modern aesthetics coupled with innovated methods in promoting exploration and learning. Their goal is for their “toys [to] engage and stimulate children again and again with a rich variety of shapes, colors, and sizes — so the possibilities for open-ended, creative play are limitless.”

I also have to admit. I’m a toy snob. Not only to I want the kiddo to play with toys that promote learning, but I want them to look cool. And these certainly do. The Kid O products that offers at a discount right now that have me excited? Well the Tip Tap Truck for one.

It’s cute and perfect for boy who is just getting into filling up and emptying containers right now. For the older kids who are learning their letters, the tracing A-Z Magnatab seems just ingenious to me. Be sure to check out the items not featured at as well. Some of my favorites so far are the Arranging Narrow to Wide shapes in beautiful gradient greens and the Nutty Squirrel Pull Toy that I find irresistibly sweet. I've also got an eye on the Chalkboard roll up mat. A roll up chalkboard to take with you on the go? I think that might be in our future as a potential life saver.

Kid O also features their Seedling line that offers great creative kits. I am already planning on getting some for my nieces and nephews
as gifts this year. They can create a wooden people family, design their own super hero cape, become a fashion designer, or an architect of yo-yos. To be honest, I want these kits for myself.

Take advantage of the availability at, not just because of the lucky discount, but because they only sell their products through retailers. Want to find out exactly where? Go to Kid O and they will tell you where to go. And then tell me that these are not just fabulous. I think that they are. Two great things at once, folks: Kid O and

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Sultana Parvin said...

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Toys play an important role in kids' life. So when they are creative ones like these....JACKPOT!!!