Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Fashion Week: 12 Days Post Partum

Maybe I'm crazy but maybe Fall Fashion Week will actually get me dressed for the three doctor's appointments that Kai and I have this week. Just a little disclaimer: I had a baby 12 days ago, my uterus has not yet done all of it's shrinky dinky stuff, and I have some water retention to get rid of.......AND I'm really working on not being vain OR holding myself to too high of a standard just yet. But hoping that this big eater (he gained a full pound in the last week and was back to his birthweight already before that) will have the fortunate side effect of melting the not insignificant baby weight gain.

I am wearing-

Shirt: Urban Outfitters

Pants: Gap Maternity $10! And this is the first time I've been able to fit them past my thighs since the end of my second trimester.

Hat: Crocheted by me

Blue Canvas Wedges: Urban Outfitters $10! And the first real shoes I've been able to fit on my feet (other than my black flip flops that I've been wearing since the beginning of my second trimester).

Baby Kai: SJ Inc :) And although I would never call him an accessory, he is pretty much the cutest one ever.

Vacuum: a miracle worker when Kai does not want his diaper changed. Puts him in a serious trance.

Kai is wearing-

Brown pants: hand me downs from the adorable Nola.

Old man sweater: thrifted $1!

Blanket: My first completed knitted project. Im a little proud.

Earrings: borrowed/inherited/stolen from my mother. She got them when she lived in Mexico at age 15 for three years when my Grandfather was in charge of the LDS missionaries in that region.

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Bevin Albright said...

Love the shirt!

Love, Bevin @ All is Bright

autumn said...

You look so great. 12 days?! That is nothing. Your little one is perfect and your hat makes me really want to don one tomorrow!

Rachael said...

Congrats on the little one! And I'm super impressed by your hat-making skills. You are one lovely lady!

Chelsea said...

yah! I'm glad you're doing fall fashion week! Fun!

You look in-credible 12 days post baby-and he is SUCH a little nugget!

Jessica G. said...

You look amazing! Love the outfit...especially that top! And little Kai is the cutest non-accessory ever!

Emery Jo said...

oh my GOSH he is the most beautiful little newborn i have ever seen!!! It makes me so excited to have baby #3. You look amazing!!

Laura said...

Too. cute. BABY PANTS!!!!!

Charlotte said...

WOW! 12 days post partum? You rock!

plantmyappletree said...

I think I love your tiny accessoire the most - sending a hug to both of you!