Saturday, August 28, 2010


Yesterday afternoon I had my first appointment with my actual doctor (as opposed to the midwife I have been seeing at the same office....I like them both for the record). She's concerned about my weight gain. Which only bothers me because A) I feel huge and have been trying to make better food choices generally B) Every time I've asked the midwife if I should be concerned about my weight she says she would be concerned except for the fact that I swell so much and C) when I noted that my weight gain has been pretty similar to my sister of the same body type with her 3 children and they were all normal weight babies, she said "well that is not typical". I wasn't trying to fight her on it, because trust me, I would rather gain less weight. It's just, your worried about my weight gain NOW? When I have 3 appointments left before my due date. And I've been asking about it this entire time. And this is when the baby is supposed to grow the most. Guess I will diet for the next month? So she's having a nutritionist call me. I'm sure I can learn something?

The thing is, I've been trying really hard not to get down about my weight gain. So it kind of got to me. And I'm hormonal. Never mind that my blood pressure and everything else is normal. In fact, I get applauded on my blood pressure and heart rate every visit. And my glucose test was in the normal range, slightly high normal though. And there isn't a history of diabetes in my family, gestational or otherwise. Ah well.

Mostly, I just get emotional about it. So we went home, and I cried just a little, felt fat and like a failure of a pregnant person and laid on the bed not wanting to do anything for a few minutes. And then Joel reminded me that I am beautiful and I decided to get up, put on my Peacock shirt, embrace my size with picture, and go to a family barbecue to see the in laws that are here visiting this weekend.
A barbecue where I probably ate a little more than I should. But my carbs were limited to potatoes, er potato salad, since I can't eat normal bread. Where niece Jenna was a crack up. And Uncle Lee read us excerpts from Twilight. Complete with Edwards sleeveless open white flowing shirt exposing his god-like abs. I've decided that Twilight is best read out loud. By an uncle that happens to be your Stake President at church.

AND THEN some of us went to watch Uncle Stuart's band, the Fossil Fools, play at Mississippi Pizza.
He's the base player in the back. Attorney by day, Rockstar by night. They're pretty good.

And then even though it was way past my present bedtime at that point I didn't complain one bit when we stopped past 11pm at the Koi Korean Taco cart. So Mama Mellor and Kris could taste of it's splendor.

And went to bed exhausted and full.

Wonder why I'm gaining weight.


gurrbonzo said...

GAAA. Talking to a pregnant woman about weight gain is never a smart move, doc.

You know what? You do the best you can, and there you go.

Annnnd for what it's worth, at the end of my most recent pregnancy, I tried to walk more and eat baby carrots every time I wanted a treat, and I obviously didn't lose weight but definitely FELT a little less puffy in those last few swollen weeks. What I'm saying here is I believe in you.

Laura said...

I totally agree... getting down on a pregnant lady for weight gain is the dumbest thing a doctor can do. Why make her feel any worse about something she's already no doubt pretty bummed about? Gosh, I get so mad when drs do that.

Sounds like you have a good attitude about it - hang in there. Not much longer now and all will be fine! :)

Tara said...

You'll loose it Sarah. Don't stress over it, especially since you only have 3 weeks to go. I've always gained more than I was supposed to and although I'd like to tell you fables of how easy it was to loose, that has not been so for me. But, every time {except this 4th one} I've been able to loose the weight. You will too!!

I've only had a couple of doctors over the years that have said anything to me about it and it is depressing. I'm sorry you are having to go through that right now, that is most definitely the worst part of pregnancy {in my opinion}.

Don't think about the weight gain right now, just think about that sweet baby you are going to meet in a few weeks :)!

LuLuBelle said...

Enjoy the muchness of you. I think you look beeeutiful

KirstieBirstie said...

i agree. I think you look gorgeous and am super jealous of all the fun you had this weekend. Good thing I will be back in Portland ever so soon!

Chelsea said...

at first i wasn't gaining ENOUGH weight, because of the daily barfing, then i was gaining TOO MUCH weight... it's so frustrating. Don't worry about it. Dr's are annoying. at lease you're healthy in all of the other areas. I was told to stop eating bananas because they had too much sugar. i was put on a strict diet because i was borderline gestational diabetic. Almost everytime i met with the dr, i cried. it sucked. But when i was pregnant w/ Conrad, i didn't know how to not say no to the cravings, lets home that next time I do and can ignore them so i dont gain as much weight. I was supposed to gain 25lbs (which seems ridiculous) and I gained about 45-ish??? The good thing is that it all goes away afterwards. you wont feel fat forever. I promise.

*Hugs mama* That baby loves you already!

Sarita said...

Thank you ladies....

The kicker is I have actually been trying to cut out some of the less good for me items. I still indulge a bit, but Ive been cutting stuff out. So in the last few weeks I have probably been eating better than the whole of my pregnancy, and thats when I get the lecture. :)

And I blame the excess weight gain on me not barfing once. I certainly wanted to, trust me, but couldnt, so my upset stomach was settled by nothing but the food I kept shoveling in my mouth. The most of which was junk. Part of me wished i was barfing.

Matsby said...

Hey, I've heard a couple Fossil Fools songs on the linescratchers podcast. They are pretty good.

Elizabeth said...

I cried for hours over my gestational diabetes. Not for the fact that it is a big predeterminer for type 2 later on, but the fact that I was convinced I was overfeeding a poor fetus ;)

You are doing great, Sarah.

Love you

The Wi Family said...

Love it!! That was so fun! Seriously I wish I could write like you!!!!