Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer Fashion Week: Thursday...Two-fer

Two-fer! Since yesterday was actually Tuesdays, you get the real yesterday and today all at once. I really cant believe that I am posting all these because while I love my baby bump, I'm not loving my other growth. But I have to say, your comments yesterday just boosted my self esteem in that arena loads.

Goal for next pregnancy: Actually get in shape before I get pregnant and not put off my new running regime until the morning I realize that I might be late. Seriously, the same day.....and then actually work out throughout the pregnancy. For now, doing what I can (walking up the steep hill to our home). And having really good intentions to use the pregnancy pilates and yoga dvds I got. Oops. Also, the food cart breakfast tacos I made Joel get this morning filled with delicious melted cheese and sausage and veggies (there were veggies too!) and the horchata, and the hot chocolate (it still can be chilly here in the AM) that my boss brought me at work with everyone else's coffee....none of those things help the weight gain. But are oh so enjoyable. Baby Kai loved them. (And how great is a food cart that has gluten free breakfast tacos instead of just the burritos that I cant eat?)

So, yesterday:

I am wearing:

Liz Lange Maternity Top: Thrifted

Drawstring Maternity Lineny Pants: Old Navy

Seashell Clasp Belt: Forever 21

Flojo Flip Flops: Ross

Hoop Earrings: Xmas gift from a dear friend

Baby Bump: SJ Inc

(Is it just me or are they huge?) Chest: I blame my mother

And Today:

I am wearing:

Pre-pregnancy Asymmetrical Beaded Top: Forever 21

Pre-Pregnancy Skirt: JCrew convertible skirt/dress (which ironically I was wearing once when i was engaged as a dress...empire waistish, and my niece told me that I looked like I was already pregnant. I assured her that I wasn't. She retorted with an "I KNOW, I said that you just LOOKED like you are already pregnant).

Earrings: Target

Chain with my wedding ring: Antionette's Antiques in SLC

Hair: Same every stinkin day


Anonymous said...

The thrifted top is very nice. I like how you dress up 'despite' being pregnant :-)

I like long shirts, too, pregnant or not, but they look cuter when pregnant.

Chelsea said...

"Is it just me or are they huge?) Chest: I blame my mother" The more the merrier in my book. If you could give me a hand-full, I'd gladly take it!

I had great intentions of working out when i was pregnant too, but spicy lime cheetos and parking my butt on the couch seemed to be a better idea! I gained about 46lbs. AND on my frame, it looked like 80!

you look great though girl. just enjoy it! you'll be walking up those steep hills with a baby stroller soon enough anyway!

I love that skirt on you! It's super cute. it's very summery and i bet super comfy!

Kalle said...

You look great. I love that thrifted pregnancy top.

Sarita said...

Thanks again, Ladies. Trust me, if I wasnt going to work everyday, I wouldnt make as much as an effort. In fact, I would probably just be wearing the one maternity jeans that I own with my favorite maternity black t-shirt.

As it is, I am wearing these flip flops to work everyday. So professional. If anyone says anything I plan on screaming at them that I am pregnant and they are the only shoes that fit. Followed by pathetic sobs. Think that will work?

And Chelsea. If you were really as big as you say you were pregnant and look like you do now, I think I have hope. Inspirational darling.

Laura said...

love love love the t-shirt & skirt!

also, it's the law of pregnancy. boobs only get bigger if they are already big enough. mine, on the other hand, while they could definitely use some size assistance, never changed. not during my pregnancy and not during the 11 months i was nursing. auuuugh!

Marcey Moreno said...

forever 21 sells maternity now...I'm just sayin.

Chicago Mom (Heather) said...

I think you look amazing. When you're pregant it's the only time in our lives when we shouldn't worry about our figures!! Everything about you is perfection.

I love the 2nd outfit!! You will be wearing that long after you have your baby too.

Angie said...

I love your guts. SERIOUSLY love them.

Awesome Alicia said...

I love that beaded top! it's soo cute. & you look gorgeous!

Baby in Broad said...

I've seen huger. (Wait a minute while I find a picture of myself pregnant...)

You look fantastic. You're a total blonde bombshell...with a bonus baby bump! (Was that too many B's?) I love the pre-pregnancy clothes on the pregnant body! Flawless!

Rachael said...

Yesterday's outfit is very put-together and cute but today's is mah fav! That burst of color + your super beautiful hair is just amazing.

E said...

Convertible skirt/dresses are great. So versatile. I also love your use of belts in your outfits. That's a trick I tend to forget about.