Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Fashion Week: Friday....TGIF

It's Friday folks and guess what that means? JEANS. Seriously, there is something so relieving about throwing on some jeans.

Yesterday consisted of the most swollen ankles ever and then me in my determination to finish the dishes that needed to be done as soon as I walked in the door (and while my dearest made me dinner) became more swollen. And I was in pain. So in my determination and urgency to finish what I had started I dropped a glass, which shattered on the floor. So I silently finished rinsing the last two dishes and walked away from the mess, leaving Joel to picked up the shattered glass and my shattered dreams of having a clean house. A little too dramatic? Good news though, my ankles kinda reappeared this morning (I'm sure due in part to Joel's efforts to massage them while we watched a movie), so there is hope after all.

Today is a half day at work as we will be heading to Seattle this afternoon. Transporting Joel's uncle's neighbor so he can cycle his way back to Portland and we can bring back his car. Also to meet the brand spankin new little nephew Brayden Sae-Hwan Wi. And take some photos for the newly engaged bro-in-law. So please say a somewhat trivial little prayer for my ankles that they survive the trip.

I am wearing:

Jeans!: Old Nay Maternity

Black Maternity T-shirt that I wish I had gotten in one of every color: Gap

Turquoise cardigan thingy: Nordstrom Rack $4!

Belt: Borrowed from The Guy

(The belted look isn't his favorite but it makes me feel more put together, contained...something....)

*I actually made it up and out the door today in time to walk to the train so you get some bonus IPhone polaroids of my accessories. Taken while I was waiting for the MAX to arrive*

Earrings: Forever 21

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters (Joel has a matching pair in black...Samsies!...arent we just adorable?)

Necklace: I can't for the life of me remember, but I like the little birdie

I'm really sad that this week is coming to a close. I just want to keep going. Can you ladies be my friends forever just maybe?


Charlotte said...

Yes! Let's all be friends forever!

Those I-phone Polaroid pictures are sweet, but not as sweet as that birdie necklace. Very cute.

A.M.H. said...

You look so cute! I love the belt. I too wore belts cinched above my belly while pregnant - they always made my outfit feel more put-together or something. And I love the color of that cardi - great find!

Emery Jo said...

so sweet! that belt is adorable on you and your belly is the most gorgeous accessory of all! :)

plantmyappletree said...

The cardigan's colour is amazing, looks so good.

You have maybe 'the' weapon to get us all hooked to your blog forever: there is a BABY on the way and we all want to see it :-)

Erin said...

You are sooo cute. I loved being pregnant and I remember how fun it was dress up the belly. I loved that. You're beautiful!

Chelsea said...

just want to start by saying, can we be bloggy-bff's forever and ever?! You're so cute and sweet! and your hubby is quite the guy for cleaning up your messes! I had some pretty embarrassing fits when i was pregnant (half way home from a walk when i was 8 months, i just started crying and sat on the ground yelling "I caaaan't go on! Carrrrry me!" sobbing and being a big baby!) Whatever, you're pregnant! What would we do without husbands to rub our big-puffy pregnant feet?!

That green cardigan thingy is SO cute! I LOVE the belt and did Nina make the earrings?

You're so much more stylish than i was when i was pregnant! I just started to get so big and gross near the end that i didnt wash my hair and i wore dustins clothes. I was a hot mess. next time, i want to try a little harder to look nice!


Rachael said...

You're so great at accessorizing! And we're jean-buddies today.

Rachael said...

P.S. LOVE the additional pics... you're so stylish.

Amber and Mike said...

Some people just have a knack for looking cute. Geez! I imagine little Kai will follow suit.

E said...

I love the black/turquoise combo. What a great find at the Rack!

Billi London-Gray said...

Your blog graphics are great. Also, I flipped through the wedding album link - wow! Amazing photos! You have great style.

Lauren said...

I love everything about this outfit, the turquoise cardigan looks great on you! Personally I love the belted look :)