Sunday, July 18, 2010

Summer Fashion Week: Sunday *sniff sniff*

All ready for church with the in-laws. Watching the DVR'd new episode of Dr Who (yep we're nerds). Ive found that this week is sadly stretching my limits in the maternity wear. At least the ones I like. Fortunately I will be shopping in my sister in laws stash this afternoon as she had her baby just a week ago. So stay tuned if you like. Check back and I might have some more fashion to share (which makes me think of how my niece used to ask me, 'Sawah, why do like fashion so much?').

Yesterday was full of Joel transporting our cyclist friend to his starting point at 4am, attending the Seattle LDS Temple (where I nearly died of heat exhaustion, funny how I usually freeze in those places). A woman there asked when I was due, I responded October, she took a look at my belly and said, 'Yeah, you wont make it that long' I explained that its normal in my family to get pretty big, but she wasnt deterred. :) Meeting my new half Korean nephew, going to the park to watch the Korean bro-in-law play some baseball, and then off to shoot some photos of the newly engaged bro-in-law and fiance, which was super fun. So check back in the next few days for some fun photos!

I am wearing:

Pre-pregnancy teal top: Ross

Belt: from the guy again

Skirt: Jcrew convertible dress

Earrings: Target

Ive just loved this week. And just cant express how much you have all meant to me his week. However irrational and hormonal it is Ive had days where I felt that I would never feel cute again. Posting the photos whither I like them or not has been somewhat liberating and yhour kind feedback has been invaluable. I may just continue to post my outfits just maybe not on a daily basis. You ladies are all tops in my book.


Chelsea said...

you look great in teal!

Chelsea said...

and I think you look awesome. I HATED when i was like 7 months pregnant and people would say "How far along are you?" and I'd say "seven months!" and they'd say, "are you SURE?! you look like you're about to pop!"

jerks! Who says that to a pregnant girl?! Idiots!

anyway! You look great, so they can all suck it! Why do people expect pregnant woman to have small little bellies? Why are they so surprised when we get HUGE?! we've got another person inside us! That's what we're supposed to do for god sakes!

(you dont even want to see the photo of me the day before i delivered Conrad. I'm sitting on the couch, greasy hair, no make up, my whole body is swollen, I'm in my underwear with a bowl of pineapple sitting on my stomach, cellulite all down my fat legs! I was lookin' smokin hot, you dont even know!)

Actually, let me dig up that photo and send it to you! I think you deserve a pat on the back. Once you see that photo you'll be high fiving yourself that you dont look like I did!

Jessica G. said...

I agree with Chelsea on all levels. Its just rude to talk smack to a pregnant lady! You are growing a human being! And really, I think you look wonderful. That color looks great on you and I love how you use belts with your outfits all the time.

E said...

I love the color of the shirt. You look beautiful!

Awesome Alicia said...

you are soo gorgeous & that teal looks amazing on you!

Laura said...

i love the teal, especially with the earrings. and a belt! oh my goodness, you put most pregnany ladies to shame. nice work!

Billi London-Gray said...

I love those colors together, especially with the bright earrings. And Dr. Who is awesome.

Christina said...

I think pregnant women are absolutely beautiful, and I love the colors you put together in this outfit!

Baby in Broad said...

I can't believe some of the things people say to pregnant women! Apparently, growing another person suddenly makes you - and your body - everyone's business.

You look beautiful - and teal is your color! Teal loves you.

Rachael said...

Hey! Just wanted to say I'm lovin' the orange with the teal! You've got the eye for color.

Charlotte said...

I've loved looking at your photos this week. I'm glad we've all been able to boost your confidence... because you're a lovely lady, and you deserve to feel that way! I will definitely be staying tuned for the engagement photos and future preggo outfits.

And seriously, so many people don't think before they speak. Because I'm sure a pregnant woman totally wants to hear that she's due any second. *rolls eyes*

Sarita said...

Thank you ladies! Im beaming. This has been so fun and not just because you all say such nice things. Though it certainly helps.

People who make comments like that just make me laugh. After I tell them that its pretty normal for my family, etc, and they still think they know better than me, my medical history, my doctor.....whatever.

Kalle said...

You look so awesome. I love your belt and earrings. They make the outfit. Hope you found some fun new gems to wear while shopping in your SIL stash.