Monday, May 17, 2010


I am lamenting the sleep I lost last night due to crazy leg cramps. Who knew that was a common system of pregnancy? Well, I guess a lot of people did, but I didn't. Does anyone have a banana they could spare?

Lamenting sleep even though I slept the day away getting rid of a crazy headache yesterday. Even missed church. Seriously, I have slept a lot in the last couple of days. Then again, when am I not lamenting sleep? Something tells me the lamentation of sleep is not going to change anytime soon.

Loving the rest of the weekend that consisted of taking the train and bus to the Alberta Street Art Walk. It was fun, lots of fun art and great ideas. I may not have money to support these artists (which I lament, because I love supporting this stuff) but I do enjoy finding inspiration in them for my own future projects. I would pay them inspiration royalties if I could. The walking of several blocks on the first really warm day of the season thoroughly wore me out. In a good way.

Wishing that when we happened upon Francis' Diner on the art walk and decided to get the gluten free biscuits and vegan gravy that I had noticed that this was THE place I had heard about. THE place that is infamous for their creme brulee style oatmeal that is supposed to be amazing. Mostly because the vegan gravy is not as good as it sounds. (Ive had some good vegan food before, okay?). However, our food took so long that they comped our meal. Free lunch!

Loving that little Nola Jane gave me a great little card today. Have I mentioned how awesome the boss lady is? And how adorable her little Nola is? And how Nola has the same name as my grandmother and may have helped inspire us to name a little girl that as well? Less than 2 weeks till we know if I am growing a little Nola or Joel Kai.

Really needing someone to make my hair beautiful. Because its not right now.

Really looking forward to the massage that Joel surprise scheduled for me tomorrow evening. Love that man.


Joel said...

Your hair is beautiful.

Sarah said...

LOVE the names you have picked out!!! Can't wait to find out if she's a girl or he's a boy!!! SO EXCITING!! Ours is a girl and we're still in negotiations on her name! :)