Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sseko designs

Seeing as how I will be pregnant all summer, I think I need some cute strappy sandals that I can interchange the straps to while supporting a great company. Win-win.

Sseko Designs gives women in Uganda an opportunity to work and save money in the 9 month gap between school and University to pay for their education. An opportunity many of these women otherwise may not have.

Something about doing something awesome like this makes me way more apt to buy their product (when I can afford it). Funny how on my list right now are a pair of these and a pair of Toms. Super comfy shoes that when I buy them means a kid in need also gets a pair of shoes?

Yes please.


Amber and Mike said...

Umm...ordering. I have no original thoughts of my own. Really, I think I want them!

Anonymous said...

Still your crazy stalker here, but thanks for posting this. I love these sandals and just bought some. The straps are perfect and I like that I can swap them out when my mood and clothes change. And what a great cause. Thanks. Okay. I'm done stalking officially now.

Oh and people with bad self-esteems don't care about struggling women in Uganda. They just care about themselves and bringing others up, not down. It's obvious you like to bring people up and that is not a bad thing. The world needs more people like this.

Anonymous said...

Edit: They just care about themselves and bringing others DOWN, not up. I did it backwards.