Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Passive Aggressive

Things have been a little rough as of the last week or two and for this reason I have avoided any real blogging lest I might unleash a rant of wrath upon you that is better suited for the HR Director from Hell (not his actual title, but I'm putting together a petition). So instead of ranting, I am going to make a list of wonderful things that I am grateful for in my wonderful life:

My dear husband who is studying his b-u-t-t off preparing for the Oregon bar next week
(which, of course hasn't added to the stress at all, oh no)
and makes me delicious food
(which makes me fat, but I still love it-portion control, or so I tell myself, is the key)
and despite his other stresses mentioned above, listens to me rant of the injustice that the HR Director from Hell has imposed upon me.

Dear supportive family here and elsewhere. And excellent friends.

3 job offers in a short period of time when we were praying so hard for something. The first one wasn't the most glamorous, but provided some income until the second started a month later, and then after my first day of training, the third came through offering me 1/3 more than the others!

The fact that I had one splendid day in an awesome work atmosphere where they loved me and insisted on ooohing and awwing over my wedding photos. (Sadly I had to tell them the next day that I wasn't coming back, because the latest offer would be more practical, but I really wanted to stay there).

The fact that I know that somewhere in the world there is a place where when people offer you a job on Friday
(because you told them that you had another offer on the table that you need to respond to)
and want you to start the following Monday.......that they mean it and that your offer of employment is not contingent on a very anal referral check
(that they forgot to tell you about until several days after you quit your first job and apologized that you wouldn't be returning to the second so you could start at the third on Monday)

And somewhere in the world there are HR Directors that don't accuse you of lying because your end date on a job several years ago was a month off. And that doesn't accuse you of lying about having worked somewhere for a year 10 YEARS ago because the corporation split and was dissolved and they don't have record of you. And doesn't refuse to count your more recent employment for the LDS Church as work experience because he insists that it was volunteer, even though you were paid. Because its a church. And gets mad at you because a previous manager is no longer with the company so he has NO ONE to give him a valid referral (my supervisor didn't count as a direct supervisor, he said that). So all he has to go on, is the one job that I was fired from, that I was planning on leaving anyway, and that still gave me a fair referral despite the fact that I was let go, but he doesn't count it as a good reference. And still he refuses to check my other references.

Oh and people who count internships and volunteer work as experience. Especially when it is directly pertaining to the demographic that you will be working with.

And people who treat you like a human being when through all of this you have remained cordial and calm and gone above and beyond to provide what he requested (W2 from the IRS for supposed made up job anyone?)

And a universe where you can find another job before this mess is over so in the off chance that I still get the job, I can shove it in their faces. Or at least know that this snap judgment of my character isn't the asolute truth.

And people who don't screw me over.

(Who was I kidding about avoiding a rant)


Suvi said...

Oh Sara! He sounds TERRIBLE!!! so it never worked out with that job? And there is no way to go back to the old one? That is lame. Jobs. Who needs them. Well, I suppose we do need them, but still, why are they so hard to come by?

The Wi Family said...

What a nightmare!!!!! I never did hear all of the details--but I'm so sorry! We're praying for you everyday and I know things always end up working out! I'm glad that you get to be relatively close to us for now and excited to go camping next week :)