Thursday, June 18, 2009


I stole this from one of my new favorites. And do this way too often. Not the stealing. The not doing stuff. Okay, sometimes the stealing.

I've said this before, and will most likely say it again. But there is not enough creation in my life. I am lazy with my photography unless I have a commissioned project, and am lazy period. Because I let things like my current job get in the way. However, the current job is allowing for lots of reading which means that I am deep into Harry Potter 6 (it's been a goal for some time to go back to those after stopping in the middle of 4 because the dementors were scaring me at night, but I finish what I start. At least sometimes). And have plans for many other book readings such as finally reading The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, picking up Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, and some others like What is the What. Reading goals for right now are as follows:

1. Taking pictures of our condo that the G-parents Harris so generously have let us stay in while they are working away in the DR.

2. Taking pictures of our beautiful view.

3. Taking pictures of our new home aka Portland.

4. Working on a website.

5. Going on more walks.

6. Going to more movies at awesome Pubs.

7. Willing more movies to be worth the money spent on them.

8. Being super supportive of my bar exam studying machine of a husband.

9. Working out......I need it......but starting is the hardest thing in the world. IN THE WORLD.

10. I really have been itching to make some kind of mobile akin to the beauty that Maren (with the assistance of my beautiful sisters and friends....and me!) created for our wedding.

11. Cooking. This man named Joel is so good in the kitchen that I am super intimidated. And I enjoy his cooking. And being lazy. But I need to do it sometime. And actually enjoy it. Joel just can't watch.

12. Taking pics of the sister in law for her graduation. Which happens on Monday BTW. So even if its not for graduation, they are going to happen. And possibly with her horse.

13. Having a grand ol time when Angie comes to visit one week from today. Excitement people.....

14. Making a good impression on my bro in law that I have yet to meet as he has been living in Brazil for the past 2 years doing good things. He got home (being Seattle) today. I get to meet him on Saturday.

And lots of other wondrous things.


Potcherboy said...

I LOVE Hitchhicker's!!!!!! Also, what is your job that you elude to?

gurrbonzo said...

Studying for the bar is miserable.

That mobile is freaking amazing.

If Joel cooks, just let him be the permanent cook. You don't need to like it if you don't and if someone's already doing it. Why be redundant? :)

Sarita said...

Yes. And I'm not even the one studying.

Thank you. I loved it too.

Doesnt that make me a bad bad wife though? I will quote you if ever he gets tired of cooking.

And Jared, you dont want to know.

EndlessTwilight said...

They made that mobile for you???? I want to see more picture!!!