Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Reasons I loathe the elevator:

Awkward people that feel that they need to break awkward silence by more awkward observations such as the elevator moving. Or stopping. I'm all for casual pleasantries. But an awkward, well....."that was a nice trip"......."yep"......"sure was"....(while you are still two floors from your destination) is not necessary. Maybe I'm too hard on people.......maybe it's just because I am not a morning person....generally.

For some reason I get stage fright. So maybe it's anxiety that makes me less tolerant of elevator people..........anyway.....I jump the gun. For example, this morning I got off on the wrong floor because......I'm weird. And turned around and got right back on. And made fun of myself. And the other guy in the elevator still didn't acknowledge my presence or the occurrence. Which is as bad as saying awkward things. A smile, nod, or good morning would suffice.

Really I just don't like being trapped in a moving box with strangers. And I feel lazy for doing so. So I started taking the stairs to the 6th floor. Sad part is, somehow my taking of the stairs in protest to the elevator has evolved to me just going down the stairs. Which probably makes my noble pursuit a little less noble and a little more lazy. But at least I haven't given up completely.

But so that you don't give up on humanity all together, I better tell you that yesterday a pleasant lady held the door for me and said good morning with a smile. We stood in un-awkward silence and then exchanged "have a good days" when she reached her destination.

There is hope after all.

Also, my sister seems to think that my blog posts are random and that last one left her disoriented. I will try to do better in the future. But make no promises. :)


LuLuBelle said...

The guy that couldn't make any kind of comment on your early departure and re-entry to the elevator must have been star struck by being in such close proximity to your beauty that he was just speechless. That or he's just socially backwards or entirely lacking in personality.

Joel said...

Sounds about right.

The AdventureWalkers said...

Hmmm...I wonder what people really think of me when I step onto a crowded elevator, refuse to turn my back to them, and announce, "I suppose you're all wondering why I called you together today" Some smile wide. Some manage a half-nervous smile. Some look at me like I'm totally crazy...According to my way of thinking, such a dramatic departure from small talk is acceptable...and the few that smile are the better for it.

nate said...

I had an awkward "Nice weather today, huh?" elevator conversation with then Mayor Rocky Anderson. I hated every second of it but the problem is I may have even initiated it. I don't remember.