Monday, January 26, 2009

Stretch it out, out, out

I am very proud of myself. For making it to the gym this morning. I'm not even going to tell you how long it has been. But when you get on the elliptical and in the first minute are afraid that you need to stop for fear of your body giving's a bad sign. (You'll be happy to know that I did not stop and it got much easier....I'm just more of a wimp than before). So yes I worked it out and feel good. But do you know what my favorite part of the workout is? Coincidentally the part that I always neglect. I mean, who in their right mind would forget to do that. No seriously. I'm something of a masochist. So as usual, I finished the workout and was about to be on my merry way when Joel stopped at the little stretching station (I think 24 hr fitness should have a sign over the mats and such that says just that......stretching station) which included these contraptions that I never remember seeing. Mostly because I just glaze over any machine that I don't know how to use. I stood there while he raved about how great this thing was while I stood there and closely observed. Later he commented that I looked at him like he was crazy. Really it was like this:
See, machines scare me. Weight machines. Stretching machines included. When I actually use them, I spend some time pretending I am stretching my neck, arms....really trying to read the directions (without looking like I am reading the instructions) for fear of making a fool of myself. I can't be the only person that does this.

So with some prodding and some instruction from my dear fianc, I tried it out. Heaven I tell you. Heaven. I want one of my very own. So I can be like Gumby, or his female counterpart. Amazing. And probably better than older fashioned versions of stretching ones self like displayed above. Also used as forms of stretcher... but then again, I'm a masochist.


LuLuBelle said...

Isn't all exercise torture?

Rachel said...

That's why I like yoga. All stretching, no working. Yet it counts as exercise!!!