Sunday, January 04, 2009

Snowy in Seattle

S0 very sad that I did not take pictures on my vacay to Seattle to meet the family that I will soon call my own. Lugged the camera equip there and yet I forgot to bring the extra battery. Or even the charger. And my battery was dead. (A new one would have cost around $70). Well, there will be other trips. But this one was great regardless of the fact that I was sick most of the time. Joel's family is wonderful and showed me a fabulous Christmas. With gluten free foods and all. Even rolls thanks to my dear fianc minus the e.

Also it was very snowy in Seattle snowed straight through Christmas. And it was beautiful. The green variety of pines and abundance of bodies of water. I can't wait to return in perhaps a less frigid season to explore while not drugged. So many things that I wished to have caught on camera. Like Joel's adorable nieces and Pike Place market and Anna Ferris wandering around the airport looking dazed and confused searching for her luggage.

So thank you Mellor family for making me feel at home while away from my family for the holidays.


The Wi Family said...

We're so glad you could come!!! Love you already! I sent you some pictures... though they will not be nearly as good as the ones you would have taken.

Britten said...

Snowey in Seattle sounds splendid! Glad you like your new family!

Andrea said...


I am home from church today with my little one...SICK!

I happen to be blog surfing (something I do WELL)! I found your blog...

I wanted to tell you CONGRATS on the engagement! SO exciting!

I was one month into my 28th year when I got married! PERFECT age in my opinion! And, even someone from the Northwest huh? I LOVED the area for the year that we lived there. Although our ward was kind of CRAZY!

Well, I can't tell you enough how happy I am for you! I am guessing you are still in Utah or at least returning if he is a BYU student. We are in Utah right now too. We need more cool married friends so if you guys ever want to do something let me know.

Bryson is an AMAZING cook too! Maybe Joel and Bryson could teach each other a few things! However, I don't know how well Bryson and gluten free go together! lol

We have a blog too...check it out when you have a chance!

Andrea (Croft) Huckstep