Saturday, July 26, 2008

Adventures in K-town

I was ridiculous last night. Reee-dic-u-lous. So thank you to friends who serenade me with songs from such wonders as The Sound of Music and Weezer while we swim our way into the evening. And to Angie's parents who are lovely and give good hugs.

Today is Kaysville time, complete with a train ride, some photographic pursuits, child slave driving, rewards at the dollar store, and one darling little baby boy. And two darling little girls. It's been an eventful day already. Gracie greeted me by asking if i still have bruises from my car accident.....about 18 months ago. I am happy to report that all bruises on my body are new and not from the accident. However, I have no idea how I came by them. Gracie also lost her one of her front bottom teeth. She can stick her tongue through the hole and will show you without being asked. There will be pictures to follow.

Well, off to sort laundry and coo over little William.

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