Monday, June 02, 2008

The Fall

I had heard nothing about this flick until I saw it this Saturday and more or less LOVED it. With every fiber of my being. Brought to us by David Fincher and Spike Jonez. The entire thing was just beautiful. Majestic. Which accounts for the million and one pictures that you see here. An incredible blend of the stark realism of the human condition and fantasy of a mix of imaginations. I spent the entire movie trying to figure out what the main character had been in before. Only to realize much later that it was Lee Pace of Pushing Daisies. Duh. After his crippling fall as a 1915 stunt double, he struggles with his injured body and heart. Because his girlfriend, of course, left him at the same time for the movie's leading man.

A young immigrant girl who suffered her own brand of fall befriends him the Los Angles hospital. She is amazing. Where did they find this little girl?


Rachel said...

wow, I've never even heard of this. And I already have a too-long list of movies I need to see!!

BagLady said...

dude, i saw this preview and was seriously intrigued. i'll have to see it now that someone i trust gives the go ahead. and i love that dude from pushing daisies.

reno said...

I just saw this Friday night... and I am obsessed. I keep watching the trailer, reliving it. It is everything I love in a movie. Everything!