Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Mascot me

Last night I went to dinner with some good friends. Well, a bunch of girls and this guy. When he received the invite and realized he was going with a bunch of super cool hot women, instead of being excited he asked "wait, am I one of the girls?" I assured him he was not in fact and we just liked him a whole lot. We later joked that he was our mascot but I would never say that to his face least he take offense. So I am writing it on my blog instead.

But it was just a joke. We all think him manly and desirable.

Anyways, it got me thinking a little about mascots. In my formative years, there was the Mickey Cox Cowboys, Clark Chieftains, The Clovis High Cougars, and the Basic High Wolf Pack. Go lobos.
I ceased to care about my academic associated mascots after that point (okay, I never cared in the first place....wasn't exactly the school spirited type). When we took family road trips our dog Fritz would sit in between my parents, sometimes wearing a red bandanna. We called him Bandit during those trips, and he was our family mascot. He was a shaggy Lopso Opso/Poodle mix and we got him as a puppy when I was one. I miss Fritzy.

Since then I have been somewhat lacking in the mascot department. According to wiki, a mascot is defined as a term for any person, animal, or object thought to bring luck. And heavens knows that I need luck. So I decided that I need one. And that my mascot should be in some way a representation of me and all that I stand for. I thought of my past mascots and let's just say that I'm no cowboy, or cowgirl (I barely survived the country music endured in our rurally surrounded California suburb). I have painful memories associated with junior high so I really don't want to go there. I'm no Cougar, even though I will be turning 28 in T-6 days (how's my math?). And I don't see my myself as a wolf pack. More as a lone wolf, and not even that. I tried to think of other possibilities and all that came to mind is when my former RS pres was relating to me about how the Davis Darts mascot attire was something akin to a limp prophylactic and a member of the bishopric overheard our convo. Remember that Keri? It was great. And I don't think that mascot is quite fitting of me anyhow.

At any rate, I think a mascot would be great company, and maybe could act as an assistant, or indentured servant. And bring me luck to boot. Any volunteers? Or good suggestions.......

And I just decided that my mascot can't wear anything akin to the costumes shown above. Because they would freak me out. So I would have more anxiety than actual luck. Please take note of that.


LuLuBelle said...

Have you forgotten you are a bona fide Indiana Jones?

becky said...

i would suggest the Happy Wombat be your mascot.

The AdventureWalkers said...

Con razón, en español a pet is called una mascota!